Mirrors on the Wall: Add Dimension and Sparkle to Your Space

mirrors on the wall

If your home’s design lacks a wow factor, you can use various accessories to make it more appealing. From canvas art prints to posters, plants and flowers, vases and candle holders – it’s simple to find something that completes your interior decor.

One accessory commonly used by interior decor experts and that you may consider adding to your home decor scheme is a mirror. Aside from providing a spot to check your look, a mirror can serve many other functions:

Create a Sense of Space

An artfully positioned mirror will provide the appearance of a larger space; It will reflect ambient and artificial lighting, giving the room the appearance of brightness. That said, you can conveniently hang up a wall mirror if your space is constrained, tiny or narrow.

A Focal Point

Mirrors can add an instant wow effect to any room, making them a great focal point. A beautiful framed mirror in a modern setting is a great example of an attractive look. Make sure to choose a frame that complements the existing design and you have yourself a beautiful focal point.

Hide Wall Imperfections

A mirror is perfect for sprucing up an ugly wall due to color or damage. Simply putting a gorgeous statement mirror on the wall will conceal defects and imperfections. Buy an extra-large mirror if a wide area needs to be covered. And if you have enough wall space, a mirror can never be too large!

Types of Mirrors

Mirrors come in a wide variety of designs, dimensions, and shapes. With so many possibilities, how do you choose the one that is ideal for your home? Here is everything you need to know about various mirror kinds, including how to use them in every space.

Arch Mirrors

arch mirrors

Arched mirrors have a rectangular base and an elliptical or pointed tip. They can be minimalist, ornate, contemporary, farmhouse, rustic, coastal, and any other style. You can’t go wrong with this style if you want a mirror that will stand out in any room of your house.

Arch-shaped mirrors provide numerous advantages to home decor. For instance, they can resemble windows in a room. As a result, they are popular in rooms that lack windows or only have a small one.

Another reason to buy arch mirrors is to help to open up areas. Simply place a large arch-shaped mirror in a tiny space to make it appear considerably larger.

Where should arched mirrors be placed? Due to their versatility, they can be used in any room. An excellent spot for your arched wall mirror is above the fireplace mantel. This is a great way to create a stylish vignette with other accessories. However, be careful what the mirror is reflecting. You don’t want to show an unflattering aspect of your home in such a noticeable way.

Another great place to hang the mirror is your doorway. Aside from providing a welcoming feeling to visitors, this arrangement will also allow you to fix yourself at the last minute before going out.

Square Mirrors

The square mirror’s sharp and neat shape makes it one of the most straightforward mirror types. Depending on the frame, square mirrors can have a contemporary or traditional appearance, but most of the time they have an understated appeal. These four-sided elements will catch the eye due to their symmetrical layout and sleek lines.

This mirror’s ability to blend in with any interior design is one of its best features. Because of its angular shape, which is perfect for framing the face, they offer an alternative to “getting-ready” spaces like bathrooms or bedrooms. However, square mirrors can also be used to highlight a specific space or element in your home, like framing an accent display on a buffet.

Celebrate the style’s simplicity by pairing it with simple accents, or make a statement by contrasting it with interestingly shaped sculptures and a voluptuous vase.

Round Mirrors

round mirrors

Mirrors with rounded edges are accessories that effectively draw attention due to their contours. Their streamlined shapes are aesthetically beautiful and may be used to enhance any room in the house. Circular shapes can appear old, yet they also have a modern or retro feel about them.

These designs are straightforward but striking and make a great focal point. You can put them above a sideboard, in the hall, or over a fireplace. They are quite adaptable. Fish-eye patterns look amazing in the middle of a space.

Let the design of your mirror serve as a guide when choosing accessories. Round minimalist shapes beg for casually cool embellishments; allow more adventurous designs to motivate you to play around with colourful, textural items.

Geometric Mirrors

Angled and straight lines are the characteristics of geometric mirrors. They can be either plain silhouettes or complex, interlocking shapes. No matter how many sides you choose—pentagon, hexagon, or octagon—these shapes will have a contemporary feel.

Geometric wall mirrors look amazing in prominent locations; for example, above a stunning vanity unit or when used in groups to create a wall gallery exhibit. Reflect the silhouette of your mirror in your furniture and accessories. Try matching angular mirrors with clean-lined furniture designs or honoring their physical form with graphic patterns on pillows or rugs.

Decorative Mirrors

The distinctive feature of decorative mirrors is their carved framing, which gives them a classy appearance. These designs have historically been distinguished by intricate carvings of Chinoiserie scenes around the frame, but with today’s technology, ornamental effects can also be achieved using sculptural motifs and cut-out features.

Add a decorative mirror anywhere you want to give a space more character. Consider installing one in the foyer or entranceway to welcome visitors with a touch of decorative beauty or use it to upgrade the en suite bathroom.

An ornamental mirror can hang in a bare corner and breathe new life into the area or serve as a chic backdrop for a sideboard arrangement of ornaments.

How to Hang Mirrors

hang mirrors

Although drawing attention to the ceiling can make it appear higher, you don’t want your guests to crane their necks to look in the mirror. Furthermore, hanging a mirror too high will make the space feel disjointed. When you lower it just a bit, the room feels cosier. Remember, the size of the mirror, not its height, makes the room appear bigger. Mirrors should be at eye level, with the centre of the frame positioned between 120 and 130 centimetres off the ground.

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