Simple Geometric Wall Design | With Tape

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Simple Geometric wall design with tape to achieve an elegant space could be as easy as attempting a decorative painting method.

Based on current technology, the results may end up being relaxed, fashionable, or even sophisticated.

False surface finishes will hide a wide range of sins, as well as deviation-damaged drywall.

Geometric wall painting design ideas can help make space appear smaller or perhaps greater than it actually is. Washes bring amazing color levels to obtain spectacular results.

Simple Geometric Wall Design

simple wall designs with tape

An easy way to decorate your walls with geometric designs is by using simple tape as your canvas and experimenting with paint and design ideas.

The end result will be eye-catching, uncomplicated, and unique in its own way.
Not only will this look good in any home, but it’s also easy to remove if you want to go back to the plain wall look in the future. Give this simple geometric wall design with tape a try today!

Write down your ideas

As you start to imagine your simple geometric wall design, jot down a few ideas. You can write these ideas down on a piece of paper or directly on your wall if you don’t mind getting markers and painting all over it. Just keep in mind that once you’ve finished painting your background, any writing will be almost impossible to see.

Measure and plan before you paint

Measure your wall, add one inch to both length and width, and then double that number (i.e., if your room is 10 feet by 15 feet, you’ll need a 16-foot by 30-foot rectangle of tape). Cut out your geometric shape with a pair of scissors, stick it to your wall, paint over it liberally and let dry. Repeat as necessary.

Use masking tape to create the pattern on the wall

Like using a pencil to make a grid on paper, you can use masking tape to create a perfect pattern on your wall. Choose your geometric shape and then lay out the tape on your wall in that pattern. Remove it and paint right over the top of it.
For example, say you want to fill an entire wall with triangles lay down a piece of blue painter’s tape over half of your planned design and some yellow over the other half.
After removing those pieces, paint two separate colors over that part of your wall blue triangles going one way and yellow triangles going another. The effect is three-dimensional without all that extra effort or skill!

Let it dry

It will take approximately 24 hours for your tape wall art to dry completely. Make sure you don’t attempt to remove it until it is completely dry. Applying new tape over old, wet tape could result in a mess, so plan ahead and let it sit overnight before removing any excess pieces of tape.
If there are any bubbles remaining after all of your work is done, consider tapping them lightly with a pin or needle. This should help release any air trapped beneath the surface of your design and make for a cleaner look overall.
Once everything has dried, you can decorate your space however you choose! Be sure to share photos of how your new design turned out on Instagram @apartmenttherapy!

Paint over the top

If you want to spruce up a room without splashing out on decor, painting is always a good option. Paint also comes in an array of colors and finishes, meaning you can make your mark on a blank wall without breaking your bank balance.
If your space is lacking character, painting it over a few days will help add some pep to your room’s step. However, there are plenty of things to consider before you take up brush and roller for the first time.
We spoke to Cathy Patey from Dariya design about simple geometric wall design with tape and her advice was clear: think big! The best way to start out is by choosing bold colors that pop, she said.

Reveal your masterpiece!

Simple geometric wall design is not hard if you stick to some basic rules and if you’re smart enough. Give some respect to your personal needs, and let your room breathe freely with simple geometric shapes that are just made of tape.
It is quite easy to apply shapes using tape because it gives you an opportunity to create an outstanding pattern in a matter of seconds. To see how it works check out these amazing images below!

Geometric wall designs with paint

Simple Geometric Wall Design | With Tape
A geometric wall design can be achieved by using paint to fill in shapes of squares, triangles, rectangles, and ovals on a plain surface.
To make such a painting look more intricate, vary the thickness of each painted line as you fill it in one shape at a time.
You can also use tape to outline these shapes instead of drawing them with a pencil or pen.
These geometric wall designs are excellent for any room, especially those that are small and need extra space-filling without an overwhelming amount of color.

Geometric wall painting ideas

simple geometric wall design
Painting your walls with geometric shapes can be easy and quick. With a little planning and some tape, you can cover an entire wall in no time flat. It’s like geometric wallpaper! We suggest using stripes instead of just one color to add more visual interest. The easiest way to do that is by painting your stripes on top of a solid color background.
Then when it comes time to paint over those lines, they will blend right into the background! You could also use these same steps for painting triangles or other simple shapes on top of any color you choose. The possibilities are endless!

Simple geometric painting

simple geometric painting
Use geometric shapes (all of the rectangles, as it happens) and basic paint colors to create a simple design that adds interest and dimension to an otherwise ordinary wall.
Start by tapping off your shape onto your wall, and let ‘er rip! You can go as big or small with your design as you want and feel free to add more shapes to expand on it if you like. Just be sure they don’t cross over one another. Repeat until bored or done. Easy peasy!

Simple geometric wall design

Your space can be decorated in a matter of minutes by using simple geometric shapes. When you’re purchasing rolls of tape, go for designs that are basic and colorful.
Then, get to placing! Paint stripes on all four walls (the length will depend on your room’s dimensions) or focus on specific sections such as above your bed or along a windowsill. And if you want to ensure even lines, first use a level to find your walls’ highest point before adhering to any tape.

Geometric painting on the wall

geometric wall paint
The trick is to create a pattern of dots that, when viewed from afar, form simple geometric shapes and lines. Once you’ve got it right, all you need is a roll of tape and some paint.
You can use any color or variety of colors you like in fact, mixing colors will create more complex and interesting patterns. Just make sure to experiment on cardboard first you don’t want to commit mistakes on your walls!

Bedroom geometric wall paint

wall paint design ideas with tape
Paint is a perfect and cost-effective way to give your room a new look. And if you have tired of pictures of houses on your wall, why not paint them? The geometric design brings sophistication to any room in your home or office. There are many different types of geometric patterns that you can apply in different shapes, like squares and triangles.

Tape for geometric wall art

A geometric wall art design can be completed by employing tape. The process is very simple and fast to paint on your wall without using any other extra materials or paints. You just need a wooden frame and some masking tape that are available easily in your nearby market at economical prices.
Use whatever color you like and make different sizes as per your wish from small sizes to larger sizes of masks such as 1/4, 1/2, 2, etc. You can fix this kind of mask on different colored walls for creating various patterns for geometric wall art decoration.
It is one of the excellent ways to get a new decorative appearance in your living room, bedroom, drawing room, guest room, or any other small interior space of your home decorating ideas.

Geometric wall pattern ideas

There are many different ways that you can design a geometric wall pattern. One of those methods is to use masking tape, which gives it an organic or primitive appearance.
It would also be ideal for a shower, in order to create designs that could be interesting and stylish, as well as to give off that sparkling feeling. The best part about creating your own pattern is that you have complete freedom and control over what you want it to look like.
As long as there is imagination involved, you should be able to achieve any type of design that you wish! A creative person might enjoy coming up with patterns of his or her own design; if you are bored by your old bathroom paint job, why not try out something new?

How To Paint Geometric Wall Design

Geometric wall art Just because the paint can be so affordable, you are able to go crazy using different models and finishes. Regular styles are generally a great way to express your own style and help make your home really feel like home.

Certain decorative wall paint technologies will definitely require artificial paint and/or enamel paint kits, but you may be surprised at what you can achieve with a common household product.

Faux Surfaces

Fake paint is often used to imitate other surfaces. Marble, granite, natural stone, leather, parchment, and other effects of wood grain surface finish are often preferred in geometric designs.

With a little creativity, you can easily finish a finish that looks like decorative bronze or even gold. rusty tin or perhaps metal, and as false green, Gray may be feasible. Do not forget the possibility of false brick or ceramic tile same finishes- each works very well within the kitchen area geometric accent wall.

For the most realistic results, keep a small sample or two, or a drawing of the actual material that you created yourself geometric home decor wood wall art. When mixing and applying colors, please report this as much as possible.

interior design geometric shapes do not try for perfection; some deviations, also color variations, and texture are usually desirable. These small defects produce a more authentic finish; in addition, they cover less than smooth surface requests and are not a robot.

Additional popular geometric wood wall art.

A number of common technical calls use a variety of paint colors and unusual items to produce unique textures page checks. For geometric wall decor, choose a color that is very similar to the color of your wall paint by choosing different colors and coat the paint that runs on a smooth surface that will look more beautiful.

Color washing entails placing a small wash of color on top of work already present painting. This method is relatively easy and produces a deep and incredible base color geometric wall shelf.

You can also use a variety of products for fogging and rolling. Even Saran Wrap in denim, plastic bag, and aluminum foil can produce stunning and gorgeous results.

Splashes can be lots of fun in the technical areas of the child. Single color film on the walls using some type of brush. With paint, thinner stiff bristles generate small colored spots; thicker paint with soft bristles produces larger droplets.

The sponge is actually looked more classic surface finish that can cover up imperfect drywall. deviation-shaped sea sponges typically offer a much better result compared to regular kitchen sponges. This can sometimes be an additive or a subtractive method, based on the desired result.

Geometric wall design ideas dotted, or perhaps leaping involves dabbing color on with a brush. To define the final effect, you’ll need firmness, brush size, and method. It may end up randomly, or even be completely fixed.


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