Top 4 Benefits a Copper Bathtub Can Add To Your Home

When it comes to creating a luxurious and aesthetically pleasing bathroom, one element that stands out is the copper bathtub. Beyond its sheer elegance, a copper bathtub brings a multitude of benefits to your bathing experience. Let’s dive into the world of copper bathtubs and explore why they are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes.

copper bathtub

Historical Significance of Copper in Bathing

Copper has been used for centuries in various cultures for its health and aesthetic properties. From ancient civilizations to modern spa treatments, copper has maintained its allure in the realm of bathing. Understanding this historical significance adds a layer of appreciation for the timelessness of copper bathtubs.

Advantages of Copper Bathtubs

Durability and Longevity

Copper is renowned for its durability, making it an excellent choice for a bathtub. Unlike other materials, copper doesn’t rust or corrode, ensuring your bathtub will withstand the test of time. This durability also contributes to the longevity of copper bathtubs, making them a sound investment for the future.

Antimicrobial Properties

One of the unique features of copper is its natural antimicrobial properties. This means that a copper bathtub actively resists the growth of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Enjoy a cleaner and healthier bathing environment with the added benefit of reduced maintenance.

Heat Retention

Imagine sinking into a warm bath that retains heat for an extended period. Copper bathtubs excel in heat retention, providing a luxurious and soothing bathing experience. Say goodbye to the disappointment of a cooling bath; copper keeps the water warm, allowing you to relax without hurry.

Aesthetic Appeal

Beyond the functional advantages, copper bathtubs add a touch of elegance and warmth to your bathroom. The distinctive patina that develops over time enhances the visual appeal, creating a unique centerpiece for your bathing space.

How to Care for a Copper Bathtub

Cleaning Tips

Maintaining the beauty of your copper bathtub is simple. Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners, opting instead for mild soap and water. Gently wipe the surface after each use to prevent mineral buildup.

Preventing Oxidation

While copper develops a beautiful patina over time, some may prefer to maintain its original shine. Apply a protective wax or sealant to prevent oxidation and preserve the pristine look of your copper bathtub.

Types of Copper Bathtubs

Freestanding Tubs

Freestanding copper bathtubs are a popular choice for those seeking a statement piece in their bathroom. Their standalone design allows for flexibility in placement, creating a focal point that elevates the overall aesthetic.

Built-in Tubs

Built-in copper bathtubs seamlessly integrate with your bathroom’s design. Customizable in size and shape, these tubs provide a more discreet but equally luxurious bathing experience.

Choosing the Right Copper Bathtub for Your Bathroom

Size and Shape Considerations

Before making a purchase, consider the available space in your bathroom. Freestanding tubs may require more room, while built-in options offer versatility in fitting various layouts.

Maintenance Requirements

Evaluate your commitment to maintenance. While copper bathtubs are generally low-maintenance, some homeowners may prefer the original shine, requiring additional care to prevent patina development.

Top 4 Benefits a Copper Bathtub

1. Aesthetically Appealing and Improves Resale Value

Copper has been used in architecture since ancient times, and the reason for that is that it’s a truly beautiful metal. It is a stunning metal that looks stunning in any room of the house, especially the bathroom, where it will age beautifully, developing a nice patina over time.

It’s also a great choice for people who want to avoid the institutional-looking vibe that stainless steel gives off

The fact that copper is a naturally beautiful material means that it is going to fetch a lot of interest from potential buyers once installed.

This is great news for the homeowner who is planning to sell their house in the future, as having a copper bathtub will help to drive up the house’s resale value.

It gives the bathroom a luxurious feel that many people associate with expensive homes, which can help push up the value of your property.

While copper bathtubs are a significant investment, they are very likely to pay off over time.

2. Has Antimicrobial Properties

Another excellent benefit of a copper bathtub is that it has natural antimicrobial properties. This means that your copper tub will repel bacteria, mold, and other microorganisms that can cause you and your loved ones health problems.

This is very helpful if you or someone in your family has a weak immune system or if you’re worried about contracting an infection while bathing.

3. Incredibly Durable and Easy to Clean and Maintain

As we mentioned earlier, copper has been a standard in construction and design since ancient times, so it’s a material that has truly stood the test of time. It can stand up to a lot of abuse, both from everyday wear and tear. This makes it perfect for the bathroom, where there is a lot of water use involved.

It has also remained extremely fashionable, making it a great choice for anyone who wants to add a little bit of vintage charm to their home.

That said, a copper bathtub will stay clean and shiny with almost no effort on your part. You can use a sponge or soft cloth to wipe it down once a week, but you don’t have to do much more than that.

Some homeowners choose to protect their copper fixtures with a sealant to protect the bathtub against everyday wear and tear. This is great for the homeowner, who is less than obsessive about keeping the bathtub sparkling clean.

4. It Comes in a Variety of Beautiful Shapes and Designs

Another great thing about copper bathtubs is that they come in a wide variety of shapes and designs. This means that you can find the perfect bathtub for your home, regardless of the style of your bathroom.

This is great news for homeowners who are passionate about design, as they’ll be able to extend their artistic expression through their bathroom as well.

If you want your bathroom to look sleek and modern, plenty of modern shapes and designs are made from copper. If you want a more classic, Victorian-style bathtub, there are plenty of designs available for that as well. Whatever your style, there is a copper bathtub that will match it perfectly.

copper bathtub


In conclusion, investing in a copper bathtub goes beyond adding a touch of opulence to your bathroom. It’s about embracing a bathing experience that combines durability, aesthetics, and health benefits. Whether you opt for a freestanding statement piece or a built-in tub seamlessly integrated into your bathroom design, a copper bathtub elevates the overall ambiance of your space.

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