Garage Wall Painting Ideas – Simple and Trending

Garage wall painting ideas contain an aesthetic value that can beautify a room. There are many ways you can do to beautify the appearance of the interior walls of the garage.

One of them is to apply the idea of ​​garage wall paint. Many people leave the garage wall painting because there is already wallpaper or wall covering with a variety of color choices.

Even so, for some people, the application of wall painting will have an impact on its own artistic value.

If you are one of those who still want to apply this idea, try looking at some interesting garage paint ideas that you can apply!

13 Interesting Garage Wall Painting Ideas

garage wall painting ideas

1. Abstract garage wall painting

Abstract garage wall painting has high artistic value if done correctly.

For those of you beginners who want to try your own abstract garage wall painting, try the easy ones first, such as making abstract images or abstract rainbows.

For this garage wall painting, you only need to prepare 5 colors of paint and then apply them to the walls randomly, but next to each other.

The size and shape need not be the same. If you are still in doubt, you should leave this task to the experts, for example, the services of a professional interior designer.

2. Illusion garage wall painting

For those of you who want your house to look more unique, try applying garage wall painting ideas with an illusion of a 3D effect.

It doesn’t need to be complicated, just a cube stack model like this, for example.

The choice of colors can be adjusted to the style of the room and the color of the furniture. Garage wall painting like this is recommended only for part of the wall area because if it is too big it will make people who see it feel dizzy.

3. Random garage wall painting

Painting a garage wall doesn’t always have to be brushed and painted directly on the wall. To get a natural and cool look, try randomly creating paint on the walls.

You can use only one color or several colors at once. You can also use trending garage paint colors.

For an elegant look, choose a dark background like gray garage paint and then splash some light paint like gold or white when creating garage wall paint.

If you want a more cheerful look, use a white background and splashes of colorful paint.

4. Tree silhouette garage wall painting

For those of you who like a minimalist look on the wall area, try applying garage wall painting ideas in the form of a tree silhouette.

Just paint a tree on the edge of the wall. In addition to looking minimalist, you only need black paint. Not bad for saving money to buy paint, right? The atmosphere in the house becomes more peaceful but still looks stylish.

5. Geometric garage wall painting

Garage wall paintings with geometric motifs are also suitable for minimalist-style homes. First of all, decide what paint color to use.

Choose house paint colors carefully. You can adjust it with the overall color of the furniture.

After that, prepare duct tape or adhesive to limit the area to be colored. Whether it’s triangular or random geometric, just adjust this garage mural to your liking.

6. Watercolor garage wall paint

Watercolor garage murals are easier to create than abstract paintings.

This beautiful painting looks like a touch of ombre color gradations that fade like water splashes on each other.

Color choices Watercolor garage wall paintings are usually soft and not far from pastel colors.

Soft colors can be mixed more easily with other colors than dark colors, which will usually result in rough lines on the walls.

7. Fixed Patterned Garage Wall Painting

Challenge your creative soul by applying a fixed-pattern garage mural.

You can choose a variety of patterns such as polka dots, paw prints, plants, or various other simple shapes such as triangles, rectangles, and so on.

The process is not easy and requires a lot of patience to cover the entire wall with the desired pattern.

Even so, patterned paintings are still guaranteed to add to the richness of a minimalist room design without removing the value of simplicity that is upheld by the minimalist concept.

8. World map garage mural

World map painting is suitable to add an adventurous impression to your bedroom.

World map images are also easy to paint and can be applied to children’s rooms, teens’, and even adults.

This design is right when juxtaposed with a modern industrial-themed house design.

9. 3D garage wall painting

For reliable painters, you can copy this idea!

3D bedroom garage wall painting ideas require a certain level of skill and patience to make it happen, especially if you do it yourself.

Although complicated, three-dimensional wall designs are certainly more unique and more different from other designs or rooms in the house.

If you are determined to choose this design, make sure not to use the entire wall to paint because it has the potential to make people who see it feel dizzy.

10. Floral garage mural

Floral patterns were considered old-school patterns by interior designers in 2016, but recently flower walls are trending again, you know, especially in South Korea!

Created by renowned musician G-Dragon, the daisy pattern that has lost one petal is being copied by many Korean teenagers all over the world.

Although mostly only applied to clothes, hats, and cell phone cases, you can imitate the GD daisy pattern on the bedroom wall.

You can also choose to paint other flowers with a color composition of your own choice, no need to copy other people’s designs!

11. Garage wall painting with balloons

Have you ever seen an artist create a painting by throwing a balloon filled with paint? It can be imitated!

This painting technique is very popular among world artists and is often used by interior designers to paint a room.

Irregular splashes of color resulting from bursting balloons can add an artistic and fun feel to a room.

The colors you choose can also vary, but the more colors you contribute, the more beautiful your garage wall painting results will be.

12. Garage wall painting quotes

One more idea for a room garage wall painting idea for you lovers of minimalist design!

You don’t need a large wall to copy this idea because you can place the quote anywhere.

You can do this with paints or a paint pen with just one or two colors.

Start by measuring the size of the quote and engraving each word with a pencil before you overwrite it with wall paint.

13. Contemporary garage wall painting

cool garage painting ideas

Another work of art that can be applied to the walls of the room is contemporary art.

When viewed at a glance, his work is not much different from abstract.

However, contemporary art has more forms and meanings that are visible to the eye, unlike abstracts which can be interpreted differently by each person.

To get a contemporary wall, you can copy someone else’s work or make your own!

It turns out that the idea of painting a garage wall doesn’t need to be complicated and expensive, right? Of the thirteen garage wall painting ideas, which number will you try to make this weekend?

You can find various garage wall painting ideas here, which will certainly get relevant ideas according to your needs.

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