21 Abstract Wall Painting Ideas For A More Artistic Look

Abstract wall painting ideas have you ever tried to remember the first time you found yourself looking at an abstract art or abstract painting? Do you remember the thoughts or feelings you had that you were watching?

This article is a reflection of some of my own views and personal and subjective realities as an artist of abstract art with some references to events that agree with what I think myself as to the nature, birth growth, and evolution of abstract art outside the limits of the esoteric terms of the art academy.

Abstract wall paint design

For a basic and fundamental aspect of the question, we must first understand the word abstract before we can approach the understanding of “abstract art” itself and discover that summarize in this regard, and as a way to extract or remove verb and surprisingly not an as easy way to include an adjective.

Abstruse And as a transitive verb that means bringing remove abstract here Its origin is America ‘away’ or ‘on’.

Therefore, we can conclude that abstract, is generally regarded as a form of art that does not represent anything resembling an objective world or hardware; it represents the new abstract wall painting design creations that were very subjectively expressions of the inner substance and spirit of the artist and often-profound spontaneity that reveals the inner world of the artist.

abstract Wall Painting Ideas

Design abstract art inspiration

Thus, abstract art, the product of this very natural impulse, without taboos and manslaughter in the absence of an external stimulus, is intrinsic and belongs to the same basic nature and composition of the artist, the real influence behind their creations.

As I moved through my own figurative art and became more familiar with the history of art, I learned that abstract art had its roots in the dawn of human history when man started drawing on the walls of his cave.

The abstract principles arts, abstract patterns, and abstract paintings – sometimes decorated with organic dyes – often tried to capture the essential nature and quality of the objects rather than their real look.

Design abstract art inspiration

Easy creative abstract art

As art historians and art critics have their opinions and ideas on paper, more esoterically divided on the issue of “non-objective art“, “non-figurative art” and “non-figurative art.”

In the field of aesthetics, since none of the principles of artistic abstract 25 wall painting ideas creation are precisely formulated this branch of the humanities has its critics in abundance with many schools with different views and thoughts, conferences, and esoteric opinions listening with jaws open instead of reason, personal expressions suffer under the cloud of confusion.

Inspiration for abstract art long centuries before the birth of abstract expressionism in America, very figurative art had existed in the East, i.e. in the Islamic culture, where calligraphy also as a non-figurative art is taught as a subject sometimes starting as early as primary school focuses on students acquiring and developing skills in calligraphy, the art abstract wall painting design of writing.

In Western culture, abstract designs are found in many forms. However, abstract arts differ only in the form of the composition relative to the decorative arts and fine arts, where abstract art, the result of creation, are instant spontaneous thoughts, emotions of the artist, and introspection in creating his work of abstract art.

easy creative abstract art


Simple abstract painting ideas

Abstract expressionism, as we know it today, was born in the United States in the mid-20th century after a mass exodus of artists avant-garde European to the city of New York, making the city the center of the art world; a title that used to be occupied by Paris.

Contemporary American artists were heavily influenced by the arrival of this new talent, which brought freedom of personal expression comfortable in the car of spontaneity, in the absence of limits and boundaries of conventional means.

The arrival of abstract expressionism in New York was the dawn of a new abstract wall painting design artistic peaceful revolution for which the artist began to rebel openly against the status quo. He began a new era where you can create freely forward and change the existing scene for a better future.

Blue abstract painting ideas

Some of the pioneers of abstract expressionism, like Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, and Willem de Kooning, have become synonymous with the New York School abstract wall design ideas and action since played an important role in what has become known as just name For forefront; a new realm of freedom for the artist to create and build a dynamic that goes beyond any rational and objective realm of reason.
In the part of the texture, Jackson Pollock started to reorganize his easel and painted to his liking, speaking by pouring paint from the inside to the canvas as he felt.
Pollock, as one of the most rebellious of the time, which is also used his body as a tool to Abstract wall painting ideas, while moving quickly for their large canvases on the floor, paint splatter patterns interlaced, like a mountain Russian emotional, draw the viewer into its rhythmic flow of movement, apparently in the infinity of space.
blue abstract painting ideas

Abstract ideas for painting

In contrast to Pollock, color field Abstract wall paint ideas of Barnett Newman, open fields are vast empty spaces for the audience to grasp and imagine what you want to place on them.

Now, for the sake of simplicity, we could classify art as just figurative and abstract. Figurative is what we instantly recognize in association with familiar objects, vs. abstract art which requires our thinking to perceive the compositional technique and compare our observations with the conclusions we have done in the past to achieve in the immediate instance, where we are.

Thus, in our observation of abstract art, the presence or absence of emotional responses provoked to understand the abstract raises the question of what is really abstract art and when it becomes successful.

blue abstract painting ideas

Abstract painting home

Imagine that we have a representative art, a scenario where a wooded area represented foam wrapped in a fog with a shallow creek cascading through it.
We all agree with what we see, appreciate the quality of its beauty, and some of us are awestricken by its magic, and even feel the mist in the air and the smell of the foam. We love it as a pleasant experience.

We think it is peaceful, as it tends to make us feel good. We help – even for a moment – forget our problems and transform our disturbances into a new level of calm to the point that we could be there in our imagination.

We moved away from painting and watching other tables that do not produce the same thoughts and feelings, and we look and we see repeatedly, the desire to have more of the same pleasant experience. Fun is what abstract wall design we experience.


Abstract art design ideas

We feel the emotional reaction to this figurative art well understand. We communicate a particular message within the limits of their expertise, for which he was created. However, technical expertise was not the initial visual attraction.
That was the message that communicates visually attracted us. The virtuosity that was created is secondary to the importance of the message and the reception quality.

Even if the message does not have the same meaning to each viewer, it is the combination of abstract wall painting ideas both the message and the expertise causing an understanding that makes the viewer react emotionally.

Draw and cut with sharp stones on the walls of his cave, the magnificence of today’s technology, man has traveled an amazing evolution in the arts among many other life skills. Among those who accepted the limits of their culture, environmental factors have remained faithful, and loyal they have been authorized and should create figurative and figurative arts.

Handmade wall painting abstract design, however, earlier terms, which have a higher form of consciousness existence and true potential, wanted to go beyond the obvious no tolerance for repression and imprisonment. They have become visionaries who escaped and sought freedom of expression in other places where the realization of that freedom was possible.

Many European artists and teachers such as Joseph Albers and Hans Hofmann immigrated to America in the mid-20th century and made New York the new arts center in the world after leaving Paris.

They brought with them the same freedom of spontaneity to create paintings that became what is now known as Abstract Expressionism. As unique as our fingerprints, every expression has become a new signature aesthetic consideration.

However, the fundamental roots of the transition from figurative to abstract expressionist paintings had started to develop in the late 19th century as neo-Impressionists Impressionists and where art had begun to change its face, while that retains good Part resemblance with what it meant to be; and at the time of post-impressionism had arrived on the scene, the field of art had undergone a remarkable change and well on his way to a major transformation.

Before the arrival of this new transformation, and certainly, before post-impressionism, the artist is mainly engaged in the natural representation of the landscape, rather than trying to take advantage of the depth of their emotions through his paintings, and connect the psyche of your audience.

Abstract wall design for home

Nothing is more powerful and significant than the birth and the power of a new idea. Nothing can or cannot stop an idea. Once an idea is conceived, cannot be arrested, abducted, or exploited; because an idea has no mass or shape to occupy a physical space, is attached to the opposing forces, and become vulnerable. A new idea, once conceived, takes its own life, feeds lofts powerful imagination, and is carried in the arms of those who embrace it.

Hans Huffman came to be known as the father of abstract expressionism has this to say:

“An idea cannot be realized with the help of a medium, the intrinsic qualities of what must surely be detected and understood to be the bearer of an idea.” The idea of self-determination, to afford the property of freedom of expression is a luxury that is not for sale, but to achieve; an innate disposition of a little power but achievable by the masses for some, it comes quickly, and the rest. Just embraced difficulties.

Abstract room paint designs

The evolution of the art of representation to abstract expressionism requires a high level of liberalism and acceptance that help and financial support played a key role in the level of abstract expressionist painter’s survival.

In one trial, very revealing of his philosophy of art, Johannes Itten said: “If new ideas are to take any form of art, physical strength, sensory, intellectual and spiritual must all also available and act in concert.”

To tell the truth, Itten says what it takes to create a good artistic expression as a means to give an idea, which imagines something felt or imagined in the mind on the canvas as a successful work of art that can be perceived and understood by the viewer.

The criteria set out above by Itten in the 20th century was a big philosophical bite that requires a lot of chewing and digestion before gaining acceptance and support; so the abstract artists have had to endure a very intimate situation in the collection and preservation of their livelihoods.

Abstract painting ideas for bedroom

Before the arrival of European settlers and the strength, to bring your precious gift of abstract paintings figuratively had no idea what freedom of artistic expression really meant to open the door to a new field of practice Art, opening a new door and an extension of your inner self.
Faced with opposition from traditionalists who rejected sever’s change, abstract artists began to express his soul, in his new paintings, with their own rules-ups.
In the world of art, where art is marketed as a luxury and not a necessity and depends on discretionary money from some, the arrival of abstract art bedroom in general and in particular, Expressionism abstract threatened the foundations on which rotate the art market.
abstract painting ideas for bedroom

Diy abstract wall painting

The change was inevitable, and traditionalists broke rank with futuristic at the expense of DIY abstract wall painting modern art, but the Abstract Expressionists eagerly became involved in experimenting and exploring different physical entities and invented new tools that could apply paint to their canvases.

Suddenly, the traditional means by which the artist had painted into a constantly evolving process of exploration, creation, experimentation, and creation; every time you give birth to a new techniqueew technique. Canvas, paints, and study tools extend beyond the limits of the artist’s studio and in the field of collage and found objects.

Jackson Pollock was the quintessential action painter, who fought evil acceptance, began to use his body as an instrument of paint around his huge canvases lying on the floor and danced with their splashes, drips, and paint splatters;

Developed and mastered the technique of action painting and enjoyed some of the outbreaks of new great fame and fortune before he fell victim to the demons of their culture at the ripe age of 42. He left a great legacy behind that He continued to inspire many abstract artists in the variety of large canvases he left.

Abstract painted wall

This is what Pollock said in some of his paintings: “It is a great building block, some with a brush, some with a shovel, some choose a pen The method of painting is the natural growth needs you want to express my feelings rather than illustrate them.

No matter how the abstract painted wall is put as something is said. On the floor, I am more at ease. I feel nearer, more a part of the painting; since the way, I can walk around it, work from the four sides, and literally in the paint. The modern artist works with space and time, and the expression of their feelings rather than illustrating.

When I paint, I do not know what I am doing. Only after a period of getting, to know that do I see what I have about. The painting has a life of its own. Every good painter paints what he is. ”

Abstract wall decor ideas

Another great artist and contemporary abstract wall decor idea is the expressionist painter Robert Rauschenberg’s group.
Rauschenberg created collages with objects found in the streets of New York and challenged the rule of every conceivable traditionalist as he progressed through his career, that was just a reward, which earned him recognition, fame, and financial success in recent decades.

He then moved to Florida to get away from the city of New York, where he continues to create his art on the calm and prosperous shores of Captiva Island.

One of the most inspiring unnecessary Rauschenberg techniques remembered is his concept to allow sufficient opportunity for the love of discovery, where the artist has unexpected serendipity of chance.

Abstract wall painting ideas – The two most prominent styles of abstract expressionism, action painters were dedicated use of textures, paint splatters, and drips along, noting the mood of the artist, and color-field painters who expressed the unified fieldwork through colors and shapes, while many other painters have made use of both styles in their work.

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