10 Minimalist Living Room Interior Design Ideas For 2022

Minimalist homes are now often the choice of people, especially millennials. They are often considered to have a simple appearance with multifunctional furniture being the main attraction.

One of the rooms in the house that is often the center for gathering all family members is the living room. There we can tell stories together, watch our favorite TV shows together, and so on. Comfort is closely related to the chosen living room design.

The living room can also be a place for family members to spend the day. Comfort in a room can be determined by various factors: from the appearance of the room, the color of the walls and furniture chosen, the size of the room, etc.

Minimalist living room interior design

In order not to make a mistake in designing a living room in a minimalist style, here are some recommendations and design ideas. Listen below 10 minimalist living room interior design ideas for 2021:

1. Rural Minimalist Living Room

minimalist living room design
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Are you a fan of home design with a rustic theme? You can apply it to your minimalist home, you can change the appearance of the walls on one side of the living room to make it look good.

Complete and support the rustic impression with sofas and carpets in matching and dark colors, such as black or yellow. In order not to seem boring, you can add a table with bright colors and ornamental plants.

2. Decorate Artfully and Calmly

A minimalist and unique impression can also be supported by choosing a photo frame in the living room. You can use various sizes of photo frames to enhance the appearance of the living room. Use neutral colors on furniture, such as yellow or white. Also, you can add a standing lamp to beautify the room 10 minimalist living room interior design ideas for 2021.

3. Cohesive Space Style

This minimalist living room sofa with a cohesive style of space is suitable for those of you who have a spacious living room and quite a lot of family members.

When gathered together, the atmosphere will remain warm and not cramped. You can also add various sizes of photo frames which are memorable photos of you with your extended family.

4. Support 2021 Decoration

Creating a minimalist room, is not only limited to choosing a sofa, table, wallpaper, floor, or carpet. Choosing the color and size of the sofa cushions also needs to be considered.

So that the minimalist living room still looks not boring, you can use a different color of sofa cushions from other furniture but still with a matching color. For example, if the sofa is white, you can complete it with various colors of pillows such as navy, cream, yellow, and others with interesting motifs.

5. Focus on What’s Functional

White is often the choice for various designs in the room of the house. Starting from the living room, bedroom, and also the living room. If you have a large enough building area, you can use this idea.

You can use a semi-circular sofa and place a fireplace in the living room. Suitable for those of you who live in areas with quite cold air. This living room can not only warm the conversation but also warms the room temperature at home 10 minimalist living room interior design ideas for 2021.

6. Luxurious Elegant Living Room Lighting

This minimalist living room design idea can be the main choice, Toppers! Gives the impression of nature, comfortable, and brightness, so that it describes happiness in the living room. Maximum lighting also provides healthy air and good air circulation in the house.

7. Simple Minimalist Living Room

Simple, indeed synonymous with the minimalist room design. You can use a sofa with slim legs, and additional rattan chairs to beautify the living room. To make it look more aesthetic, you can also use a vase containing dried or rustic flowers. This design can also be used in apartments.

8. Yellow color sofa

minimalist living room

Minimalist living room sofa can be realized with this color! With light yellow or white walls and a matching color carpet, it certainly enhances the appearance of the living room at home.

9. Popular Choice in Living Room Furniture

Popular choices in living room furniture can be realized with the addition of ornamental plants with a size large enough. You can place it in the corner of the room near the window to beautify our room with family.

10. living room wallpaper

One of the easiest ways to transform your living room is to use wallpaper. Whether you want a calming atmosphere with soft neutral tones or a real touch of color and pattern, there are plenty of design options to choose from.

When it comes to living room wallpaper ideas, murals are very popular nowadays and really express personality. Wallpaper can also be used to highlight certain architectural features, such as a chimney or alcove to make a real impression.

Thus the minimalist living room article that I can summarize from various trusted sources, we hereby apologize if there are shortcomings in writing words, hopefully, it will be useful. living room trends 2021 

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