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Simple Wall Painting Designs for Living Room in 2021

Simple wall painting designs for living room for those looking for a way to decorate their simple living room and make it cozy and inviting, worry not, all it takes is a fresh coat of paint. This living room color can instantly transform your living room cost-effectively. 

Scroll down to find some of the latest living room color ideas that are sure to make your home look beautiful.

Simple wall painting designs for living room

simple wall painting designs for living room

simple living room decor ideas

A better color and non-color arrangement is used in the simple living room wall decor, which consists of black and white and gray and lotion, but blue is still available. the widest and most valuable color levels. 

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Blue-gray and white are organic companions for a relaxed and harmonious living room. Because they contribute to calm and coolness and give the living room an impressive overall picture with solid definition and character.

living room design ideas

The success of this mix is ​​evident as it is preferred both traditionally and globally in different ways, from Scandinavian styles to Chinese and European ceramics, each of which can be used as inspiration for your system. 

The oversized gray-blue-white combination is still associated with Swedish style today and is also a very prominent look simple living room design.

living room design simple

Great misery can be translated in many tones for different effects, gray misery looks elegant and sophisticated, aquamarine goes well with the purest white and silver tones, and dark blue is best used in a broken pattern so it doesn't look massive.

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living room simple design

To effectively defend your simple living room designs, remember that cool blue tones go well with silver and off-white. However, in the living room, the coolest glacier blue color can be combined with a stronger tone so that the display doesn't become a little cold and boring. You can also combine different shades of gray with lots of white.

decorating simple living room

In cool simple living room ideas, stay away from a lot of mixed patterns as it will reduce the style of ventilated space. However, where the pattern is used, the scroll and outline designs keep the look bright and clean, for example against an eco-grey background with a sharp white pattern. 

Stripes always promote the illusion of a spacious room, especially when used vertically and paired with dark and light colors like gray and silver or Chinese blue and white porcelain.

Simple design of  living room

The distribution of colors and the addition of ornaments in a stunning living room must be balanced and neat. Therefore, the space between the color focus and the furniture is necessary for the calmness of the whole scheme.

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simple living room decor

Simple living room ideas especially in the living room, where furniture and furnishings fill the space and the color combinations and scanned patterns are too flashy, it is highly recommended to incorporate elements in light or muted colors such as an open designer wardrobe with just a few simple accessories, or a plain white pillowcase or lotion.