50 Best Living Room Accent Wall Colors 2022

The eye sees shadows, and as color is placed around a space, your eyes move from area to area, taking up the entire living room accent wall colors.

Using color as a focal point can be very effective. However, it can be a challenge, excessive use of color and space can be frustrating, and too little can be a storehouse. Where’s the sweet spot?

Accent wall colors are one of the important aspects in framing the aesthetics of a house, especially in the living room, the first room that guests see. Below is a reference for living room paint colors that can be cool and spacious.

The color of the paint must be considered so that the concept of the house can be realized beautifully so that it reflects your character as the owner of the house.

The paint color used can also create the impression of more lively cool rooms.

A room can look more flamboyant and spacious, affect the mood of its occupants and cool the house.

50 best accent wall colors 2022

Your accent wall can be the perfect way to brighten up your living room, an accent wall can provide a unique, bold focal point in any room of your home that complements or contrasts with the colors and textures of other rooms in your house. 
Whatever use you have in mind, the color you choose will make or break the room’s design, so it’s important to pick something that complements everything else in there and brings out the best in its surroundings. 
Luckily, we’ve got you covered with this list of accent wall colors to try out in 2022!Zinc white
  1. Zinc White
  2. Light gray 
  3. Medium gray
  4. Blackened pearl
  5. Silver cream
  6. Silver sage
  7. Dark grey cherry
  8. Blue amber
  9. Heirloom rose
  10. First light
  11. Concord ivory
  12. Whispering spring
  13. Crystalline
  14. Blue Danube
  15. Caliente
  16. Rockport gray
  17. Sharkskin
  18. Smokestack gray
  19. Day’s end
  20. Royal blue
  21. Peach
  22. Blue 
  23. Pink
  24. Charcoal
  25. Yellow
  26. Red
  27. Yellow
  28. Lime green
  29. Electric blue
  30. Lavender 
  31. Teal
  32. Cherry red
  33. Off-white
  34. Baby blue
  35. White
  36. Burnt sienna 
  37. October mist  
  38. Incarnadine  
  39. Violet petal 
  40. Railings 
  41. Cornstalk 
  42. Art and craft 
  43. Frank blue
  44. Royal purple
  45. Jewel-tone teal
  46. Burning red
  47. Sandstone
  48. Red brick
  49. Cloudy gray
  50. Pebble gray

Best color for living room walls

1. Blue

Blue is synonymous with something that smells natural. Such as the sea, beach, sky, and garden.

Blue paint in a room can make the house feel fresh because it creates a cool and peaceful feeling. You will also get a sense of calm and energy from the coolness and freshness of the blue paint.

Guests will also feel the impact of the positive emotions this blue paint brings.

2. Green

During the dry season, cool house paint colors are the right choice. Including greenery in the living room.

Green is synonymous with trees or leaves and is a fresh and natural impression. This color can highlight the harmony of the living room.

You can also choose pastel green paint, as it is said to be a calming color and feels homey. Pair it with light-colored wall decors, such as light orange or beige. This color can also be applied to a room that you think is narrow.

3. Yellow

accent wall color ideas

Some residents of the house, mostly avoid yellow because it looks rough and unattractive. In fact, you can experiment with a pale yellow living room paint color.

Besides being cool, the room will feel fresh and bright, and the pale yellow living room paint color will give a broad impression. Cheerful and bright yellow.

This house paint color is believed to increase the spirit of clear thinking, so this house paint color is perfect for studios and dining rooms.
Complete it by combining the living room wall paint and dark furniture colors, dark brown, red, and lime green.

4. Lemon yellow

Lemon is one of the bright colors that can give a fresh impression. Besides that, it can also give the impression of a spacious and slightly creative space by adding interior elements such as photos on the walls or colorful flower decorations.

5. Light Chocolate

The soft light brown element will create a calm feel when the color is applied to the entire surface of the walls and ceiling of your living room.

In addition, the color of beige or light brown paint in the living room can make the room spacious. The use of this cream color can be combined with various wood textures or wooden decorations that can make the room feel spacious, comfortable, and warm.

5 Two Color Accent wall paint colors

living room paint ideas with accent wall

1. Blue and white salted egg color matching

The combination of two colors of paint in this living room is so calming. The salted egg blue walls combined with the white trim inside give a soft and soothing impression.

2. Navy Blue and Golden Brown Colors

You can create an elegant impression by using navy blue and golden brown colors on living room furniture such as tables or chairs.

The house will also look more modern and minimalist.

3. Pale Yellow and Cayenne Red

Combine soft pale yellows with red chilies to make your home look warm and vibrant.

4. Combination of 2 colors of turquoise

Apply these two color combinations in an open concept living room. For example, light blue and soft green.

These two colors are suitable for residents who want to be more exploratory in decorating their living room. For example, adding various wall decorations and installing patterned curtains.

5. Sweet pastel pink and navy blue

The next good living room paint colors are pink and navy blue. These two colors can sweeten the appearance of the living room.

To balance the color combination, you can use gray textured home curtains to match the two colors.

Living room colors with accent wall

accent wall colors

Every accommodation needs a center; something that interests you, as well as paint, can be a very efficient tool for doing this.

Centerpieces generate passion and when you expand the rest of the accommodation around it, you have a space that is quite lit.

Paint is an easy way to create a focal point. I’m using a very inexpensive approach called color capping. Color blocking is very easy. You apply a dimension block or any shape from accent color to a wall surface.

I have a set of three pictures that I like and would also like to place them on a very large wall surface in my living room.

The pictures themselves are bound to look lost, but when I put big blocks of accent color on the wall and then hang them inside the blocks of accent wall colors, they look amazing. I drew the accent shadows from the image itself, this makes for a cohesive look.

When looking for centerpieces, look for architectural items in your home. The arch method, hidden walls, alcove windows, or moldings.

Use paint to make it stand out and become a point of interest in your home. You can make it more interesting with contrasting colors.

Furniture accent wall color

living room accent wall

Look for the largest furniture, windows, or even high ceilings, anything that can be accentuated with color to draw attention to the space. Don’t stop once you find an area in your space that you want to accentuate, continue shading around that area.

It can be in photos, pillows, materials, or carpets on the floor. This method will make the eyes walk around the area, and of course, it will feel very total and harmonious.

Don’t overuse an accent wall surface unless you can stabilize it in that area. For example, if you have a red room, which is currently an extreme color and you decide you really like dark purple, and you want to paint it as an accent wall surface.

The color of the paint for the living room accent wall colors to pull off may be a challenge; The combo will certainly be extraordinary and extreme. A much better way is to use a different hue or intensity of red on an accent wall surface and place dark purple throughout the room in pictures, pillows, or textiles. It will give you the best of all globe.

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