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Ideas to Incorporate Elegant Living Room Decor

A well-designed living room is a source of comfort and relaxation, providing an elegant place to relax and entertain friends.

Living rooms can vary in size, from simple to grand and everything in between, but one thing remains constant: stylish living room decor will always make the space feel beautiful.

Inspiring Ideas for Elegant Living Room Decor

elegant living room wall decor ideas

If you’re looking to bring elegance into your living room design, whether it’s as simple as rearranging the furniture or as involved as adding an entirely new feature, you’ll find inspiration in our beauty tips and design ideas for incorporating elegant living room decor. Read on and enjoy!

Curtain as Statement Piece

One of the most elegant living room decors is a curtain. Curtains that have a unique design or fabric can make a focal point, as well as privacy and warmth. The living room is where we spend our leisure time with family, friends, and guests; therefore, it should be an inviting area of your home with plenty of natural light. 

For more ideas on how to choose curtains, visit Tips on Choosing Curtains for Your Home.


A comfy couch or chair can be a great way to add elegance to your living room decor. Don’t go for stiff, uncomfortable furniture—after all, you’ll want people to actually sit on it! Instead, find something with soft and cozy upholstery. 

Add some throw pillows for extra cushioning as well. If you have any extra sofas lying around, feel free to make them into recliners (just pull out their legs and recline!). Reclining chairs are excellent additions that help create more living space.

Likewise, consider adding an ottoman or footrest near your comfortable seating area—the more ways people can relax while they hang out in your living room, the better!


Drape window treatments, such as curtains and valances, over windows for a clean look. Hang them at a length below your window molding. Select patterns in materials that are simple, elegant, and neutral for a cohesive look in your living room.

Accent Furniture

The best way to add some elegant living room decor is by using a few accent pieces of furniture. You want your space to be inviting, not overcrowded. 

An easy way to achieve a classy look is with an accent chair or settee in a striking color, as well as adding wall art and other items that can stand out without overwhelming your space. Don't forget window treatments such as curtains and drapes, either! Just make sure you find affordable high-quality options like Walmart's To Your Door department.

Accent Lighting

A good way to incorporate elegant living room decor is with some well-placed lighting. Whether it’s dim lights in specific areas or even a few lamps throughout, setting an intimate tone for guests can help create a memorable experience when entertaining. 

It’s also a great way to make sure your table (whether it be an elegant dining table or a living room coffee table) stands out from other area fixtures. Just use your natural surroundings as your source of light and give your guests something memorable in return!

Area Rugs

Rugs add a nice layer of texture and softness to an otherwise hard floor. Choose an area rug in your main living space for comfort, style, and coziness. Area rugs can be used in all areas of your home for that extra touch of pizzazz. 

They're a great way to add personality to any room! Have small furniture? An area rug will anchor it and help make it more comfortable (and less likely to tip over). Matching pillows are also key accessories that can spice up any basic chair or sofa.

Display Cases, Shelves, and Cabinets

Sometimes, open space can mean a lot of things. In your living room, you might want to arrange seating and display cabinets (think: front hallway furniture) so that it creates an open look. It’s important that all furniture items—from coffee tables to bookshelves—are set at eye level. 

If they’re too high or low, they can appear out of place and unbalanced. Likewise, if you have a TV in your living room, think about positioning it so that it appears level with its surrounding furniture when viewed from every seat in your house. The same goes for lighting—place recessed lights (and overhead lights) at least 2 feet above people’s heads for best results.

Full Circle Sofa

If you're thinking about investing in a new living room couch, think about going for a full-circle or U-shaped option. A full-circle couch provides seating for all your family and friends without being too crowded and adds an elegant touch to your home's decor that sets it apart from most living rooms. 

On top of that, unlike other large sofas (like L-shaped sofas), you don't have to worry about someone kicking their legs onto it while they relax—which means no stains or dirty footmarks! If your space is a bit on the small side, however, you might want to consider a round ottoman; one with pillows built into it can double as extra seating and looks extra chic in small spaces.

Texture and Pattern Mixing

The best way to add visual interest to your living room is by adding contrast. Mixing textures, such as mixing light, heavy, soft, and hard materials with different patterns (we're talking colors and designs) is a simple way to do just that. 

In fact, if you mix two contrasting elements together, your eye will always land on one of them first—so choosing both should be based on which you want to highlight most in a given space. If you're trying out these ideas in your own home, go for subtlety; too much mixed-up design can become cluttered and take away from an area's natural beauty instead of enhancing it.

Elegant living room wall decor ideas

drawing room wall painting design ideas

Creating an elegant living room calls for something extra special. Subtle, understated luxury goes a long way toward creating ambiance in your space. 

In fact, you don't need anything too fancy—with a few carefully chosen accessories, you can quickly create a stylish room that feels both cozy and trendy. Here are some tips to help you plan your next living room decorating project

Living room wall decor ideas

living room wall decor ideas

Cozy up to your living room with a few beautiful, comfortable pieces of wall decor. Use small objects either part of an eclectic collection or stand-alone accent pieces—to add style and character to your walls. 

You’ll instantly create a room that feels homey and inviting for family and friends. 

Pick a color palette for your décor that complements its natural light, as well as its existing furnishings. Modern tastes tend toward stark whites or other cool colors, while traditional choices are typically warmer shades like reds, oranges, golds, or browns. With either style in mind, it's easy to find living room wall decorating ideas you love!

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