Family Room Design Ideas 2022 Warm the Atmosphere

The family room is one of the most important spaces in the house. This space is a relaxing space as well as chatting with spouses and children. You can spend time watching movies, relaxing and chatting.

The family room is the most comfortable place to gather, exchange stories, and spend quality time. No wonder the design of the family room is always considered to make it feel more comfortable. You can find the most popular living room design references that are currently trending.

This room does not have to be large. You can decorate your narrow space into a comfortable place to gather with your family.

Most Popular Family Room Design Inspiration

family room design ideas

If you’re looking for a comfortable family room idea, we’ve got some inspiration below.

1. Minimalist White

The all-white house concept design can create a simple and elegant appearance. You can also apply this all-white concept to the family room, you know. Thus, the room can feel brighter and wider, and comfortable to exchange stories.
In order not to be too monotonous, then you can give a little black accent on the furniture, such as sofas and corner tables.
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2. All Black Minimalist

An all-black room can still create a charming appearance. The choice of this dark color can indeed give a dominant masculine impression.

However, you can combine it with white to give a more elegant and luxurious impression.

3. Japan theme

The combination of Japanese elements in the Japandi concept has been widely used in home interiors in recent years. Moreover, this concept can create a modern and classy impression.

Not only do you have to use a bench, but a classic sofa with a neutral color can also give a charming appearance.

4. Shabby Chic

The shabby chic concept in the family room can provide a peaceful and elegant atmosphere. To produce this design concept, you can use decorations in the form of decorative flowers and furniture with a sweet floral theme.

5. Futuristic Style

The family room with a futuristic concept uses more glass as the main element. To complete this look, you only need to add some furniture, such as a glass table or glass wall partition.

6. Vintage green

The vintage green concept can give a non-boring look and make the room feel alive. You can combine green with wooden elements, such as parquet floors or wooden furniture.

7. Coastal Theme

A family room with a coastal theme, dominated by all-blue colors, can give you peace of mind when you want to unwind. To beautify the room, add a touch of marine colors, such as white, cream, or beige.

8. Bohemian

Bohemian or boho themes usually mean a free self-concept. You can combine light colors, such as light brown, red, yellow, and even blue, into the room.

Give a little white accent as a wall color will complete the room. Then, hang a painting or dream catcher to make it more charming.

9. Playful room

The family room with a playful theme will surely spoil your little one. Make the room use bright colors and complete it with various educational toys. Believe me, your children will be more comfortable in the family room.

10. Artistic Contemporary

For art lovers, the family room must be given a prominent artistic impression. You can also add decorations, such as abstract paintings in the corner of the room.

Those are some of the most popular family room designs that can be applied to homes so that families feel at home in them for a long time.

After we determine the best living room design inspiration, you should look at interesting ideas that can make your living room more beautiful by adding items like the ones below.

Family room decorating ideas

In order not to choose the wrong choice in decorating the family room, here are some recommendations and design ideas. You can choose according to your taste and budget!

family room ideas

1. Traditional Family Room

Are you a fan of home design with traditional themes? You can apply it to a house that is being renovated.

You can change the appearance of the walls on one side of the family room. You can use wallpaper with a gray brick motif. Complete and support the traditional impression with sofas and carpets in matching and dark colors, such as black or gray. In order not to seem boring, you can add a table with bright colors and ornamental plants in the corner of the room!

2. Decorate with Frames on the Wall

Unique and unique impressions can also be supported by choosing a photo frame in the family room. You can use various sizes of photo frames to enhance the appearance of the family room. Use neutral colors on furniture, such as gray or white. Also, you can add a standing lamp to beautify the room.

3. Family Room with Modern Sofa

This family room sofa is suitable for those of you who have a spacious family room and quite a lot of family members. When gathered together, the atmosphere will remain warm and not cramped.

You can also add various sizes of photo frames which are memorable photos of you with your extended family.

4. Support the Decoration with Sofa Pillows

Creating a room is not only limited to choosing a sofa, table, wallpaper, floor, or carpet. Choosing the color and size of the sofa cushions also needs to be considered, you know!

So that the family room still looks not boring, you can use a different color of sofa cushions from other furniture but still with a matching color. For example, if the sofa is white, you can complete it with various colors of pillows such as navy, cream, gray, and others with interesting motifs.

5. Shades of White for a Spacious Family Room

White is often the choice for various designs in the room of the house. Starting from the family room, bedroom, and family room. If you have a large enough building area, you can use this idea!

You can use a semi-circular sofa and place a fireplace in the family room. Suitable for those of you who live in areas with quite cold air. This family room is not only able to warm up the conversation, but it can also warm the room temperature at home, you know!

6. Family Room with Maximum Lighting

This one family room design idea can be the main choice, Toppers! Gives the impression of nature, comfortable, and brightness, so that it describes happiness in the family room.

Maximum lighting also provides healthy air and good air circulation in the house.

7. Family Room for Apartment

Who says apartments can’t have family rooms? Apartment buildings are usually not as large as a house, but you can still have a family room, you know! multifunctional furniture, much needed for apartments, one of which is a table with wheels that allow it to be moved anywhere.

Do not use a sofa that is too large, so that the room does not look cramped.

8. Simple Family Room

Simple, indeed synonymous with the room design. You can use a sofa with slim legs, and additional rattan chairs to beautify the family room.

To make it look more aesthetic, you can also use a vase containing dried or rustic flowers. This design can also be used in apartments, you know!

9. Sofa Color Gray

The family room sofa can be realized with this color! With light gray or white walls and a matching color carpet, it certainly enhances the appearance of the family room at home.

Add also with ornamental plant accents in the corner of the room so that the room looks more alive.

10. Ornamental Plants Become Main Furniture

Simple, artsy, and comfortable, you can make it happen with the addition of ornamental plants of fairly large sizes. You can place it in the corner of the room near the window to beautify the room.

Choose a simple sofa, a multifunctional sofa that can be used as a mattress, or a sofa bed.

11. Slip Bright Colors On Furniture

Not only using colors, white, gray, brown, or black, bright colors can also beautify the family room. You can tuck bright colors like yellow or red in the corner of the family room. For example, a small sofa with bright color cushions accompanied by a small wooden table. Guaranteed comfortable all-day activities in the room!

12. Combination of Wood and Brown Furniture

Using wood or vinyl floors can be the main choice for a family room. Gives the impression of warmth and maximum comfort, and is supported by matching furniture. You can use a light brown sofa, with the addition of patterned sofa cushions.

Also, add ornamental plants that are tall enough to give the impression of an earth tone in your family room!

That’s all. How many family room designs can you apply to your home so that your family feels at home in it for a long time.

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