12 Best Behr Paints For Interior & Exterior 2022

The best brands of wall paint, namely Behr Paints, are now the target of many people because their products are able to provide an attractive color touch. There are paints made specifically for the exterior walls of the house, but there are also paints for the inner walls.

By choosing the right product, of course, you will get results that are in line with expectations. Then, how to choose a good house wall paint? our

Another thing to consider when choosing the best wall paint is the paint color. Usually, each brand will provide a variety of colors that you can choose according to your wishes. If you want a narrow living room to have a broad impression, then white can be the right choice.

However, you can choose turquoise green, moss green, light blue, and purple to give the room an elegant and calm impression.

For those of you who want to highlight a cheerful impression on the walls of the house, then you can choose pink, lime green, and lemon yellow. In addition, red, orange, red, brown, and yellow are examples of the right color choices to create a lively, warm, comfortable, and harmonious impression.

In order for the atmosphere at home to match your bold and assertive character, choosing dark green, dark blue, navy blue, and fiery red is the right step.

The many house wall paint brand that is sold will sometimes make you feel confused about making a choice. To make it easier for you, here are twelve recommendations for the best Behr paint brands that can be used as alternative choices.

Therefore, to make your home interior more stunning, here are some Behr paints recommendations that you can choose according to your needs.

Behr Interior Paint Recommendation 2022

behr paints

  • Behr premium plus

Behr premium plus offers exceptional durability and leather with mildew and a smudge-resistant finish. Plus, you’ll enjoy the benefits of odorless paint. PREMIUM PLUS is highly rated by independent third-party labs and meets LEED and GREENGUARD GOLD requirements.

Behr premium plus

  • Behr ultra

This innovative paint formula delivers a clean, modern look while providing advanced scuff and damage resistance to everyday wear and tear.

Behr ultra

  • Behr marquee

provides excellent leather and provides a long-lasting, mildew-resistant finish. With its primary qualities, this product offers excellent adhesion to external surfaces along with the ability to block external stains.

Behr marquee

  • Behr dynasty

Introducing the best of BEHR Paint. Featuring state-of-the-art stain resistance and unmatched scuff resistance to keep your project surfaces looking newer for longer, and quick-dry technology that will get you back to using space faster.

All with guaranteed one-layer leather in over 1,000 colors. Our longest-lasting, most stain-resistant, most scuff-resistant, single-coat paint.

Behr dynasty

  • Alkyd paint

BEHR PREMIUM Interior/Exterior Urethane Alkyd Semi-Gloss Enamel provides traditional oil-based cat performance with the convenience and comfort of an air-based cat. This professional-quality finish offers excellent flow & hold and excellent adhesion.

Alkyd paint is an enamel coating that is similar in consistency to oil paint. Alkyd paints are usually not used on walls and are more often used on metal or wood. Alkyd paints are tougher than oil-based paints, which is great for surfaces that need something more durable.

Alkyd paint

  • Oil-based paint

BEHR PREMIUM Oil- Base Semi-Gloss Enamel provides a hard finish and is easy to clean on multiple vertical surfaces. It dries quickly and will help protect interior and exterior surfaces from scratches, rust, and household chemicals.

  • Interior ceiling paint

To keep it from dripping onto you when you coat the ceiling, choose a latex best paint for interior with a higher-than-average viscosity (aka thickness). The best cats for the palate have a consistency close to that of honey measured in Krebs (KU), usually 106 KU or more.

surface, choose BEHR PREMIUM PLUS Interior Ceiling Paint. This data, non-reflective luster is long-lasting and will retain the original properties of your ceiling.

  • Interior primer and sealer

The first coat of paint applied to the surface is formulated to have good adhesion, wetting, and inhibition. SEALER: A thin liquid used to seal a surface, to prevent paint from escaping from a previous surface, or to prevent improper absorption of a topcoat into the substrate.

For outstanding performance under any paint shine, choose BEHR® Kitchen, Bath & Trim Stain-Blocking Primer & Sealer. This self-leveling acrylic blend helps to create a uniform topcoat sheen, making it ideal for a variety of surfaces, including metal, vinyl, concrete and glossy surfaces.

It blocks moderate to heavy stains and can be tinted to allow for dramatic color changes. It is also a low-odor formula.

  • Underground masonry waterproofer

Basement waterproofing involves the techniques and materials used to prevent air from penetrating the basement of a house or building. Watertight basements that are below ground level may require sealant application, installation of drain and sump pumps, and how to spray polyurethane.

  • Cabinet & enamel trim

Ultraplate Trim & Cabinet Enamel is a 100% satin urethane enhanced topcoat with excellent leveling and adhesion. Ultraplate provides a factory-like finish on cabinets, doors, and wood. excellent adhesion properties make it an excellent choice for hard-to-store surfaces.

BEHR PREMIUM Cabinet & Interior Enamel trim offers excellent flow & alignment and dries to a hard, durable finish.

The block’s outstanding scratch resistance allows for fast service, ideal for use on cabinetry, trim, doors, windows, baseboards, and more.

  • Behr stains

BEHR ® Interior Stains & Finishes offers high-quality products that are designed to beautify interior wood surfaces, are safe and easy to use, and provide exceptional durability and protection built to last.

BEHR solid color wood stain produces a durable film that resists cracking and peeling. Available in over 1,600 custom and computer-adjusted colors, this solid color dye also works well on stucco, brick, and cement walls.

  • Stone, stucco & brick

Masonry, stucco & brickwork are great choices for protecting and beautifying masonry, concrete, and stucco. Surfaces previously painted with this self-priming paint can also be painted with this paint, including wood, weathered aluminum, and pre-painted surfaces.

Accentuate textured surfaces while providing strong water-repellent adhesion to properly constructed surfaces.

Stone, stucco & brick

How to choose a good Behr paints

Currently, there are many paint brands on the market that are sold online and offline. Each brand certainly has its own characteristics, right? Well, the following ways you can do when choosing house wall paint in order to get a product of good quality.

1. Understand the location of the wall to be painted

Your house certainly has several parts right? Usually, each section will be limited by a door, such as a bedroom which it is equipped with a bathroom.

In addition to doors, there are also windows on the walls that can show that your house has an interior or an exterior. Well, each part requires special care to make it look more attractive.

For example, you will beautify the front of the house with elegant colors. You can choose the best brand of wall paint specifically for the outside that is resistant to weather, dust, and pollution.

Meanwhile, you can choose a special interior wall paint to beautify the interior walls of the house which is made of water for easy cleaning. That way, the wall paint that is applied does not fade easily because it has a special formula.

2. Pay attention to the durability paint brand

Each wall painting is of course made using different materials, so it’s not surprising that the durability is also different.

Well, wall paint that has good durability can certainly be said to have good quality. The resistance in question is so that the color of the house paint does not fade easily, does not fade when exposed to sunlight or rain, does not get moldy, and so on.

Usually, this will also be directly proportional to the specified selling price.

The better the durability, the more expensive it will be. By applying a product from wall paint, you do not need to repaint for some time. You can save expenses, right?

3. Select the desired paint finish

You should also know that each of the best wall paints has different characteristics.

There are wall paints that give doff or matte finishes, glossy ones consisting of high gloss and semi-gloss, satin, or eggshells. Well, the final result of the walls of the house you want?

If you want to have an outdoor wall with the impression that everything sticks well, then you can choose matte or matte.

However, you can choose glossy if you want the walls of your house to look shiny when exposed to light.

In addition, satin can be the right choice for those of you who want a luxurious impression but is not too shiny. Well, you can choose eggshells if you want the walls of the house to look textured.

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