10 Best DIY Secret Bay Window Curtain Rod

Bay window curtain rods can be surprisingly difficult to shop for because there are so many types and styles available on the market today.

To help you figure out which bay window curtain rod is best for your particular needs, we’ve created this guide on the top 10 best bay window curtain rods you can buy online today.

Read on to learn more about their features, compare prices, and find out what other customers have to say about these popular items!

10 Best Bay Window Curtain Rods

Bay Window Curtain Rod


I like using our Oakra Bay window curtain rod. It gives a nice, cozy feeling in our living room and it works great with my alcove windows. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go with something a little more solid, but one of my friends suggested it and said it would be perfect for me. She was right!

Amazon Basics Tension Curtain Rod

If you have bay windows and are looking for an affordable, easy-to-install curtain rod that can fit in your budget, then try Amazon Basics Tension Curtain Rod. It’s also ideal for small spaces or short ceilings, as it only extends out about six inches. Plus, because it’s adjustable, it can extend to any size needed.

Telescoping Curtain Rod

One of the most common window treatments in a bay window is a double curtain rod, which is available in both telescoping and fixed designs. A telescoping curtain rod can be adjusted by as much as 16 inches, while a fixed bay window curtain rod stays permanently in place.

H.VERSAILTEX Double Curtain Rod

If you’re looking for a stylish, budget-friendly option, then we suggest these double curtain rods from H.VERSATILE. They’re designed to hang curtains in an alcove window, and they come in eight different finishes. These curtain rods are also available in single or triple sizes.

1 Inch Curtain RodsTracks

These rods are perfect for those who prefer to mount their rod within an alcove track. Choose a track that is 3-6 inches wider than your window opening.

Mount it directly into place, and screw on one end of your curtain rod. Then mark where you would like to put your second bracket – usually right beside or a few inches from your first mounting point – and measure to make sure it falls in line with center track connection points. Screw-in place and your curtain rod are ready for use!

Window Corner Curtain Rod

The corner curtain rod provides versatility, as you can use it for bay and arched windows. This rod works well for those with minimal window dressing requirements. The design creates a pleasing aesthetic that adds a nice touch to your home décor without overwhelming your window space. A few good options include

Decopolitan 3/4″ Square Bay Window Curtain Rod Set

A sleek and stylish curtain rod, Decopolitan’s 3/4 square bay window rods help make alcove windows look spacious. You can choose from two different sets of three rods to hold two sets of curtains, or a single set of six rods to hold one set of curtains.

Ceiling Curtain Tracks

First and foremost, alcove curtain rods should be mounted to the ceiling track for maximum stability.

If your curtain rod attaches directly to an alcove window, you could find that it’s much more difficult to open and close curtains. A ceiling-mounted track ensures that your curtains won’t get stuck on a one-sided rod.

Most tracks can be screwed directly into the drywall at convenient locations so that they’re easily accessible.

Rod Desyne 13/16″ Jodi

If you want to install your curtains in a bay window, you can use simple blind brackets, such as those found on Rod Desyne’s Jodi curtain rod.

Since these aren’t meant for heavy curtains or drapes, you might need some extra hardware if you plan to do that.

But if all you’re looking for is an attractive and easy way to hang up your new draperies, there are plenty of reasons why these should be on your list of considerations.

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Ycolnaefllr 1 Inch Diameter Double Curtain Rod

This good-looking, budget-friendly option does a great job of hanging curtains in bay windows.

While it’s not up to par with more expensive models, it still gets the job done and looks nice doing it.

The 1-inch diameter rod provides solid support for heavier drapes, and its innovative ball finials are a nice touch that makes these rods unique from other options.

Extra long bay window curtain rod

If you have a bay window or an arched or oddly shaped window, it can be difficult to find a curtain rod that will properly cover your window. You can always custom order one for around $200-$300 depending on size and materials, but those are usually pretty expensive and hard to install.

An easy and affordable solution is to go with an extra-long curtain rod instead; these make great bay window rods because they’re usually adjustable (you can set them at multiple lengths) and only cost around $15 per rod.

I really like these from Sunnylife. They also have designed specifically for standard-sized alcove windows if you don’t need super-long curtains in your space.

Bay window curtain rod black

Black is one of my favorite colors when it comes to decorating. It’s rich, bold, and sophisticated. Black curtain rods are exactly that, but they can also be classy and bold if used in a way that has dimension and depth.

The best part is they come in all sizes so you have plenty of options to help your curtain design stand out without compromising on function. Here are some of my favorite bay window rods for black curtains…

Target bay window curtain rod

For wider bays, where large curtains might be used, a tension rod is ideal. It has two or more arms that are fitted together in an X shape and then hung on a straight rod that spans across your bay window. The width of these rods can range from 2 inches to 6 inches depending on how wide your bay is.

If you want something even wider, then check out our post on curtain rods for wide windows. There you will find rods as wide as 7 or 8 inches!

Curved bay window curtain rod

If you don’t want to install a complete system, opting for a curtain rod that curves with your bay window is an easy solution. These curtain rods connect to your existing mount on each side and bend slightly in between.

This allows you to adjust each side of your drapes independently while still pulling them straight across. If you choose wood or metal over these materials, it’s likely that they can be cut down to size without much trouble. You can also make curved rods from PVC pipe if you’re looking for an extremely budget-friendly option!

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