10 Creative Ideas for Bay Window Exterior Trim

Bay window exterior trim have an elegant charm to them that’s hard to match with other window designs, which is why they remain popular in so many homes around the world.

Their unique three-sided shape means that you’ll need to get creative with your exterior trim design if you want your bay window exterior to look its best when it comes time to finish the job, but don’t worry we’ve got plenty of ideas that will give you some inspiration.

bay Window exterior trim

10 Best Bay Window Exterior Trim

1) Crown molding across the bottom

Many bay windows sit on exterior walls and have nothing above them, leaving a bit of an awkward architectural space.

A possible solution to sprucing up that blank wall is crown molding, which is usually installed on interior walls and can add visual weight to Bay window trim ideas.

In addition to adding personality, a tall piece of crown molding will break up otherwise boring linear spaces.

2) Casement with a half-moon cutout

This window treatment option makes use of a bay window’s unique shape by adding a half-moon cutout at one end.

This can help make your bay appear longer and more like an extension of your home’s exterior, making it look cohesive instead of mismatched.

When shopping for a curtain rod, consider getting one that matches your windows they don’t have to be exact replicas.

3) DIY valance with ribbon or roman shade

In lieu of purchasing an expensive valance, use ribbon to hang your curtains. You can take 1 or 2 wide ribbons and cut them at various lengths depending on how long you want your curtains to be.

Tie one end of each piece of ribbon to a curtain rod hanger (top, middle, or bottom), and then tie a knot in the other end so that it doesn’t slip off.

4) Box of wood shutters below the crown molding

I’ve always wanted a bay window with elegant Bay window trim ideas. I would cover my Bay window trim ideas wood shutters in white paint and use brown crown molding.

The glass would be covered with stained glass or lace curtains. A large, old-fashioned chandelier would be at home above it.

I think that a Bay window is quite elegant and can be stylish if done correctly! There are so many cute ways to decorate a bay window that you can never go wrong!

5) Wooden French doors with blinds on top

This one is a gorgeous addition to any home. Whether you have bay windows in your house or not, you can still make use of these French doors in other ways.

They look great when placed side by side with a larger window pane behind them to create more room and give more light into a room that’s normally used infrequently.

These doors are also very good at keeping sunlight out during hot summer days and even better at blocking heat during cold winters.

6) A wreath above shutters

If you are trying to find ways to make your exterior home improvements stand out, creating an accent wall with shutters is a great place to start.

Wreaths hanging above windows and doors provides a traditional look that doesn’t have to cost much. Wreaths are inexpensive and can be found at just about any local retailer.

Instead of purchasing a wreath from a store, check with your neighbors or ask friends if they have extra ones lying around in their garage that they don’t want anymore.

7) Custom wood shutters inside box blinds

These exterior shutters are very attractive. With a lot of imagination and creativity, you can get these shutters painted and installed to look just like any other set of bay window trim ideas.

It’s easy to do with these directions. You’ll need 7′ standard x 3 oak board, 10 tongue and groove boards that match your shutter, 6 x 48′ steel pipe 36 tall.

8) Wood-look veneer outside, wood shutters on the inside

If you’re looking to create a faux-wood look, consider combining wood-look siding with vinyl shutters on your interior.

This combination will create an exterior that looks like wood and is easy to clean and maintain. Because vinyl has a natural feel, it allows you to have all of these benefits while still achieving that classic, rustic look.

If you’re looking for an even more traditional exterior look, consider real wood windows with vertical blinds inside.

9) Overhead drapery with sheer panel on bottom third

Adding a sheer panel to your bay window gives you a way to filter sunlight on warm days and block light on cold ones.

Drape it from an overhead track to turn your bay into a cozy, quiet sanctuary perfect for reading or watching TV.

The soft fabric also serves as a built-in window treatment that does not obstruct panoramic views of your garden or neighborhood, making it suitable in nearly any room.

bay window trim

10) Shutters on one side, drapes on another side

If you have shutters on one side of your bay window, consider placing drapes (or curtains) on the opposite side.

This will create a more uniform appearance and prevent harsh light from entering through windows that aren’t shaded.

Ensure you hang drapes or curtains high enough so people can’t see in from outside – and only use sheer material if you do go with drapes or curtains.

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