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12 Great Home Building Bay Window Exterior Ideas

Bay window exterior The shape is not in line with the main wall of the building, it will form a concave area on the inside of the window so that it looks like the front of an airplane.

This exterior bay window design is inspired by the curved style design that was popular since the 1990s, especially in Europe and America. The creation of this window was made because of the penchant of people who like to sit by the window enjoying the view.

The application of the bay window exterior is preferred because the residents of the house can more freely see the scenery outside the house from various angles.

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The shape of the window varies, ranging from semicircle, hexagon, and square. The choice of this shape will create an open impression and a wider field of view from the inside.

This bay window exterior support uses a cantilever structure system that must be one unit with the structure of the space inside. In addition, when applying this window requires additional construction as window support which is generally made of wood or concrete.

Residents of the house can apply it anywhere in the house, such as rooms, living rooms, relaxing areas, to the bathroom. Pins can make the protruding area on the inside of the window a relaxing place by adding a sofa, or simply a place to store displays.

Read the article below for some of the inspiration we reviewed so you can understand when creating a bay window exterior at home!

bay window ideas

Types of bay windows

Since its inception, the type of bay window has not changed much. There are four types of bay windows commonly found around the world, including:

canted bay windows

This is a slightly rounded version of the standard bay window, which usually consists of a combination of segmented glass forming a small radius.

bay or bow window

In general, bay or arc windows give you more interior space, as they protrude out of the house. This type of window is a combination window that is often combined with a window that is never opened in the middle flanked by a double-hung window or casement.

circle bay windows

Such windows are popular in bedrooms. The circular bay window gives meaning to the architectural style. Bay windows of this type are usually made in the corners of old buildings. Consists of various shapes of glass that form a semicircle

Bay window design ideas exterior

5 Exterior bay window design ideas

classic bay window

Classic windows are the right choice for those of you who have a classic-style home interior design, such as a European-style house. Classic windows are usually dominated by light colors, such as white or pastel colors.

bay window open spaces

Open spaces windows are one of the minimalist window ideas that you can use in multipurpose rooms. The concept of open spaces makes your room seem more spacious and multipurpose. This open spaces concept window usually uses a sliding model.

bay window single hung

Single-hung windows give an elegant impression with proper air circulation. You just pull the bottom window forward, so that air from outside can enter the house. This type of window is suitable for you to use in a room that is directly opposite the terrace or veranda of the house.

bay window jalousie

Maybe you often see minimalist jalousie-type windows, but you may not realize if the name of the window is unique. Minimalist windows of the jalousie type are rarely found in modern times. This window is more often used by ancient people. However, this window can be used as your minimalist window because it is equipped with parallel grilles that are easy to open and close.

bay windows skylights

Skylight-type windows are generally installed on the roof. The existence of this window aims to provide proper lighting without regard to air circulation because the window cannot be opened or closed.

Bay window exterior painting

Exterior home fixtures having an effective and up-to-date painting is important as it will protect from the elements and preserve the life of the home.” Painting the exterior of your home can prevent mold and mildew by keeping moisture away from wood, walls, or other building materials.

It's a good idea to apply Bay window exterior paint not only once. Do two coats of window paint to make the colors clearer. Apply the first coat of paint, then after it dries you can apply the second coat.

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Bay window exterior panels

Clean lines are a hallmark of many modern and contemporary designs. In this home, the small bay window exterior panels with contrasting trim emphasize the lines of the house, while the contrasting wood walls add interest and depth to the design. Taking the same wood on the underside of the roof helps create a cohesive design.

Bay window exterior trim

Fir is one of the most used of all exterior trim materials. Firs are affordable, mostly straight and in most cases, the yard or woodshop where you buy spruce will allow you to choose the cut you want, excluding most of the bent or warped pieces.

Modern bay window exterior

A coat of paint can help to modernize your windows. Add depth and comfort by painting a hidden wall a shade or two darker than the adjoining wall. On the other hand, if you want to brighten up the area, paint the hidden wall a shade or two lighter than the color of the wall next to it.

Kitchen bay window exterior

The next inspiration to apply a bay window is to place it in the kitchen area. To place bay windows in a small kitchen, Pins can add functionality by installing a sink underneath.

Bay window exterior supports

You can support the window by adding extra strength supports under the sill, or you can use cables to remove some of the weight from the bottom of the window. The former only requires corner supports, available at DIY stores, and a step ladder so you can climb.

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Bay window exterior siding

bay window exterior

The first step you need to take is to install vinyl siding around the rest of the house. When you arrive at the bay window, place the vinyl siding on both sides as close together as possible, and secure it tightly to the wall at the edge of the window.

Bows and alcove windows look stunning and are popular on rustic and old properties. They are rarely seen in newer buildings, but the properties with them have a lot of curb appeal. Are arc windows outdated? Their popularity in the Northeast and Middle West shows that they are still as fashionable as ever.

Bay windows add value to any home by increasing its market value, providing a wide view of the natural surroundings, more sunlight, and improving ventilation and airflow. More importantly, it is very important to have the bay window installed by a professional to ensure that it is done properly.

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