The Japanese Sliding Doors And The Common Design

Japanese sliding doors are often categorized as traditional sliding doors. On the contrary, instead of being a completely traditional style, there is a kind of combination of classic and modern style found in it.
Due to the flexibility contained in it. For modern society, make the combination of the two something interesting because it can lead to the final result
An interesting thing was also found because of its simple design as the basic concept of a Japanese-style sliding door. The simple design proposal is the reason why one of them can be easily installed at home.
The general appearance of Japan as sliding doors at a low price is also something that is found nowadays in proposed homes based on Asian style. So, sliding doors in modern Japan can be considered a popular style today.
The overall door design is Japanese sliding doors and combined design It is something that is easy to install this type of door in the house because its dimensions can also be considered smaller than some other types of doors.
Therefore, choosing a door can be a good choice too because it can provide convenience in installation.
The ease of installation of this door is then supported by facts about the ease that can be found also in several variations today.

We can imitate the Japanese style to bring peace, harmony, and balance in the house, Bun. Here are 6 reasons why Japanese minimalist homes are widely used as inspiration and popular in 2022:

1. Little furniture

In a real Japanese house, you will never find rooms containing separate furniture. The Japanese choose to have little or no.
They like to keep floor cushions with low plank tables for occasions like tea ceremonies. Even a bedroom can contain just a mattress or low bed and a simple side table.
This concept is popular because it gives the illusion of a wider space. We will feel that the room looks bigger because there are no furniture items in the room.

2. Classic sliding door

Japanese houses are smaller and have unique sliding doors. Sliding doors and screens provide more space according to the Zen philosophy.
“The most interesting feature here is the use of sliding doors. Japanese houses use them because of space constraints,” said design architect Ornchuma Saraya, reported by Living ASEAN.

3. Natural elements of wood and bamboo

It is very common in Japanese culture to use wood elements throughout the house or just add wood texture in various rooms. Wood and Bamboo have an integral role in creating a Japanese-style house.
These two materials provide a simple look that fits into the environment lit by natural light. There is a calming effect that these ingredients bring and can change the mood of a home.

4. Natural light from open spaces

The basic concept behind a minimalist home is to have more space with a positive aura, which allows natural light to enter the house. The light not only illuminates the house but also brings a serene view.
Even if you have a small minimalist home, you can use the space efficiently by using fewer furniture items. Save what you really need and allow yourself to enjoy the open space.

5. Attractive Japanese style colors

Minimalist Japanese-style houses usually feature neutral colors such as white, green, brown, and black. These colors come from natural elements of wood, plants, and other natural materials.
The floor can be made of gray stone or wood. Simple designs and colors can be easily incorporated into the home by using wooden walls and floors. Adding plants can also increase the aura of a minimalist home, Bun.

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