13 Subway Tile Backsplash Ideas Create in Your Home

One of the most important elements of a subway tile backsplash design is the floor and walls. Moreover, the two parts of the house on this one are quite difficult to replace at one time because they require a major physical overhaul at no small cost.

As many of us continue to spend more and more time indoors, designers predict a major shift in tile trends in 2022

Because consumers see their homes in a whole new way. The subway tile trend will continue to be strong in 2022, but not as much as you might expect.

So what will this look like? Here we’ve rounded up the top three subway tile ways you can expect to make at home.

Subway tile backsplash designs

1. Color

Think “Bohemian richness” when we talk about trending colors and patterns for 2022.

We can expect to see more emerald green and navy blue with glossy finishes as they perfectly match the current trend of brass fittings and decor elements.

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2. Size

We upgraded to a larger subway tile not exclusively using the traditional 70 x 150 mm size. We are starting to see manufacturers producing subway tiles in larger sizes. The standard large format size for subways is 50 x 200 mm or 100 x 400 mm.

A large-format subway tile backsplash can be especially helpful for small kitchens where large tiles create the perception of more space. Large format subway tiles can also help create a feeling of continuity especially if you extend the backsplash to the ceiling.

3. Style

Organic and hand-drawn patterns are the latest bathroom tile trend and are expected to continue into the coming year.

Hand-painted tiles bring character to a modern bathroom, especially with lively and quirky tiles. These tiles give homeowners a sense of human connection when they are at home and unable to travel to a new place.

Well, instead of being disappointed in your own choices in the past, you should decide carefully and thoughtfully, what type of tile and floor you want to use.

Here are subway tile backsplash design trends

subway tile

1. Chevron Chic

Well, if you want to make a patterned wall or floor, some of the tile patterns above can be your inspiration. The tile design work with a simple pattern like the one in the picture above is very typical of old school and old-fashioned designs.

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From left to right, a design called Shadewood by Sant’Agostino. Then the Firestone which is Novabell’s design, the Rigo made by 41zero42, and the simple wood patterned Etic Pro by Atlas Concorde.

 2. Life Aquatic

You may be thinking of a suitable and suitable wall and floor design for your bathroom. Try choosing a bright blue tile design like in the image above. The bright blue color will give you a feeling of relaxation when you take a shower.

The design in the image above from left to right is made by Atlas Concorde entitled Dwell. Then Details was designed by Tagina. The third design is Sardinia by Cerasarda and the last is Shades by Imola.

3. Supersized

Well, for large tile and floor designs, some of the designs above might be your choice. With a long and wide design, you will not spend a lot of supporting materials to install walls or floors.

First, the design on the far left is a wall with slab-like wood that is quite simple and extends upwards, named Komi, made by Fondovalle. The second design is a large garden floor design called Aextra30 by Caesar.

Then the third design is a large marble design that is even affixed to the door, not just the floor and walls, named I Marmi by Ava. The last design is a large ceramic named Natura 6.0 by Casamood.

4. Soft Spot

Maybe you are a person who likes soft colors like beige and light gray. Some of the designs above may be able to satisfy your taste in light, reassuring colors.

5. 3D Wall

With current technological developments, various forms of ceramics can be made as desired. One of them is a three-dimensional pattern by combining various shapes of tiles into one.

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From the image above, the four tile designs from left to right are called Meteors by Sicis, Frame by Fap, 3D Wall Design by Atlas Concorde, and More by Piemme.

6. Fragments

If you like irregular patterns, some of the tile designs in the image above are definitely for you. Random designs like this are indeed quite unique and will produce interesting patterns.

From left to right, the design is named Tangram by Bardelli. Then the design entitled Labyrinth by Refine. The third design is SICIStone made by Sicis and the last one is called Frames by Ornamenta.

Are subway tile backsplashes out of style?

We know that classic white subway ceramic tile will never go out of style, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find a way to spice it up! One of the current trends for giving these timeless tiles a fresh look is the addition of contrasting grout!

Are subway tiles out of style 2022?

Rectangular tiles are a timeless classic with versatility and variety to suit any style. It’s safe to say, from Tony’s point of view, the underground tiles will continue into 2022 and beyond.

Which countertops go well with subway tile backsplashes?

The kitchen is Tuscan style with wood, stone, and earth, so the underground tiles seem like an anomaly. However, neutrality basement tiles are incredibly versatile and can look great with terracotta accents, dark wood cabinetry, and white granite countertops.

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