How To Roof Repair To Be Safe When it Rains

Roof repair is actually not that difficult. This can be done by paying attention to the small things that cause leaks.

Many people are often dizzy with too much leakage intensity. Especially when the intensity of rain is very long and almost every day. So it takes patience to fix it.

Damage to the roof of the house can occur due to several things, such as because of the wind that blows too hard so that the tile shifts from its original place, then due to the roof of the house falling objects that can damage the roof such as falling fruit from trees around the house, or objects other.

Therefore, you must check regularly. If you have a shady tree that is close to the roof of your house, it is best to immediately trim it so that the branches do not dangle near the roof of your house.

If the top of your house is leaking because of the things we have conveyed above, you must immediately repair the leaking roof, see below how to repair the roof.

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5 Easy Ways to Fix a Leaking Roof

1. Use Water Proofing

Changes in the weather every year can certainly cause the roof of our house to leak quickly. For that, we must often check our roof and don’t forget to apply it to waterproof.

Do you know what the function of this waterproofing is?

Simply put, waterproofing is useful for patching leaks that occur on the roof of the house so that there are no more problems.

The leaky roof can be patched with waterproofing because this paint contains a waterproof liquid so that water does not seep.

2. Pay attention to the slope of the roof

The roof of the house is usually designed sloping so that the flow of rainwater can flow smoothly down. Therefore, if the roof of your house is slightly sloping and flat, it can cause a roof leak because the rainwater slows down and is able to inundate the concrete.

For that, pay attention to the slope of the roof which usually ranges from 30-40 degrees.

Not only that, also reduce the roof connection because this also has the potential to cause leakage. If during construction this has been carefully arranged, then you can be calmer.

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3. Fix sagging tiles

Inadvertently, it could be that the roof tiles or tins sag due to strong winds. If this is the case, you have to quickly position the precariousness in the right place.

This step certainly cannot be done immediately but needs to be done periodically. There’s nothing wrong with routinely checking the roof of your house so that problems like this can be overcome early, right?

4. Clean Gutters

Dirty gutters, for example from molten leaf litter, will hinder the passage of rainwater.

If this happens, of course, the gutters cannot accommodate and drain water properly because the channel is blocked.

Therefore, before the rainy season arrives, it’s a good idea to clean up the garbage on the roof of the house that will disturb you. Don’t forget to check and clean the gutters thoroughly and regularly!

5. Replace Cracked or Destroyed Tiles

If you often go to the roof of the house, it could be that you accidentally step on the tiles, causing the tiles to crack.

In addition, it is not impossible for the tiles to crack or be destroyed because the quality has rotted with age. However, sometimes you forget and just leave it without replacing it.

The trouble is, of course, when it rains.

Suddenly, the raindrops dripped onto the floor of the house. If this happens, immediately replace your roof tiles if there is damage.

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