Pantry Door Ideas Based on Design & Material For Your Kitchen Decor

A pantry is an area where you can organize your grocery and frequently used kitchen items for cleaning, cooking, and dining purposes. Whether the area is small or large enough to put all of your groceries, you can use the most suitable door from various pantry door ideas with versatile designs and materials from rustic wood to smooth glass. By using the right pantry door, you can redesign your kitchen into more convenient, functional, and elegant.

pantry door ideas 

The pantry door provides an aesthetically pleasing look to your kitchen and the needed storage area which saves extra space in your kitchen.

So, have a look at these amazing pantry door design ideas that will change the game!

1. Sliding Barn Pantry Door For White Kitchen

sliding barn pantry door for white kitchen

A pantry door made of natural wood, also known as a barn pantry door, is one of the most popular designs that add style to your kitchen. In the past, barn pantry doors were supposed to be traditional and outdated designs. However, with the present trend of shifting back to natural things, the natural wood pantry doors have become an iconic design.

The sliding single barn doors are more popular than swinging barn doors or double barn doors. The modern barn doors are mounted over the rolling tracks where the door can easily move left and right directions to open or close. The sliding style saves plenty of space and is best suited for modern kitchens. These are available online in finished form. However, you can also DIY create this door if you want to show some craft.

2. Under the Stairs Double Pantry Door adjacent to the Kitchen

double pantry door adjacent to the kitchen

A unique way to save extra space in your kitchen is to utilize the spare area of your home productively. Under the stairs portion is a unique and smart area to put pantry items safely. The door design is unique and is cut along the corner according to the inclination of the stairs. This idea is workable only if your stairs are adjacent to the kitchen door.

3. Half Glass Bifold Pantry Door

The bifold door design was initially taken from the privacy room separator. However, now you can see such unique door designs in pantries as well. The two or three-door panels move swiftly in a way that one panel pulls outward and forces its adjacent panel to push back so the door shrinks to leave an open space.

The half glass on the top of the door helps you see the pantry items without opening the door. Also, it keeps the dirt outside the pantry and helps you get rid of tiresome cleaning. The best thing about half glass bifold pantry doors is that they give complete flexibility by opening or closing in the quickest way. Mostly, they are composed of solid wood and tempered glass.

4. Frosted Glass Pantry Door for Privacy & Brightness

frosted glass pantry door for privacy & brightness

When you love adding some sign or some appealing words on the glass pantry door, you can make it in various ways on the etched glass. Also, you may show symbols of vegetables and kitchenware below the text ‘PANTRY’ so that everybody knows the area is confined to putting groceries.

On the other hand, you may add some creative design of motivational quotes or slogans to boost the interior ambiance of your kitchen. Also, adding some etched lettering with pantry items makes a domestic home touch.

5. Clear Glass Pantry Door for an Elegant Look

clear glass pantry door for an elegant look

Using a clear glass pantry door insert all the way from top to bottom keeps the elegance on top and functions similar to glass display cabinets.

6. Slim Farmhouse Pantry Door For Small Kitchens

A farmhouse pantry door is more suited for a better treatment of guests and is used on the corner of your kitchen. It’s used when a special corner space is allocated to pantry stuff. This means the door is not attached to any of the four side walls, instead a small fifth wall is made at the corner by connecting the two walls of the kitchen and building a triangular space for the pantry.

7. Sliding Single Pantry Door

A most common sliding pantry door type is a single pantry door that can be slid left or right for ease of operation. The material can be made of glass, wood, aluminum, or vinyl. All bring unique charisma to the kitchen decor. The best thing about the single sliding doors is that they have good space-saving features which others are not that must best.

8. Double Sliding Pantry Door

A double sliding pantry door gives you the convenience of use from anywhere either from the lift or the right side. They look fabulous with the dual-pane design and are a perfect match for a large kitchen pantry area because they take up more area for the door operations.

9. Arched Style Pantry Door for Scandinavian Style of Kitchens

If you love a Scandinavian kitchen style, an arched-shaped door is a welcoming design that is rounded on the top. It was traditionally being used in rich homes where guests feel as if they are given a special welcome with such a design of the entrance. The idea is to add a unique design that synchronizes with the classic kitchen interior.

10. Antique Pantry Door

antique pantry door

Antique pieces are used to add the focal point to the interior. For this reason, antique pantry doors are used to design luxurious kitchen decor. If you have a good budget and invest in antique pantry doors, it will significantly boost the value of your property too.


Missing out on the pantry portion means losing the opportunity to get storage space and get rid of cluttered kitchens. A pantry door is vital to designing a functional and well-organized kitchen. Pantry door design and material choice is the next important aspect that keeps the cooking area separate from the groceries. 

You have a material choice from wooden pantry doors to glass pantry doors to design kitchens in a unique way. The barn pantry should be used against white walls to differentiate it from the rest of the kitchen outlook. Pantry doors add not the only style of your choice but also design your kitchen in a unique way.

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