Don’t Paint Your Brick House Until You’ve Read This!

There are plenty of homes out there with painted exteriors, and it’s not necessarily something to be ashamed of, but there are some important factors you should consider before painting your brick house.

 For example, you can’t easily go back to the original brick exterior if you paint it, so you should make sure that you’re committed to the change before committing to it; if you don’t really like the paint color after a few years, then repainting could be costly and time-consuming!

A) Why it’s better not to paint your brick

painted exterior brick

Unlike wood, which is porous and allows paint to soak in, brick is hard and unforgiving. Pouring paint onto a brick surface can result in cracking, peeling, and flaking. 

The only fix for painted bricks is to start all over again with a new coat of paint. While some people may have no problem redoing their exterior after painting it, many will not find that an acceptable solution to the issue at hand. 

Painting your brick house will only cause you more problems than its worth–and could be a costly decision as well. So if you want to repaint your home’s exterior but aren’t sure whether or not it’s better to use paint or stain on concrete blocks, know that staining might be your best bet.

B) Things to consider before painting your brick

1. Once it’s painted, you can’t go back to its original brick exterior, so don’t paint it unless you love how your new color looks. 

2. The surface preparation is equally important for both interior and exterior paint jobs; it will make or break your results no matter what kind of paint you’re using. 

3. Preparation starts long before you move a single tool or step foot on your property it begins with your decision to repaint or not and continues throughout each phase of your project.

C) Best methods for painting old brick

Brick is a fairly common building material for houses, and it can last for hundreds of years if properly maintained. 

As you may know, brick’s durability also makes it difficult to paint effectively. While there are several methods for painting brick walls (and many people advocate their use), we recommend against each of them because they can cause damage to your home’s exterior over time.

D) A little about staining brick

Once you paint your brick house, you can’t go back to its original brick exterior. Staining your bricks will enhance them and protect them, but if you make a mistake or something doesn’t turn out how you planned, it might be hard to correct it. 

For example, if you used too much paint on some sections of your house, even painting over those areas again won’t help unless you remove that section and start over.

E) Final thoughts on staining vs painting

Painting is not always a more cost-effective solution than staining. For example, painting a wood-sided home with good wood in fairly good condition can range from $9,000 to $12,000 depending on how extensive your paint job is and what colors you choose. 

In contrast, staining that same home may only be about half that amount of money. When considering which option to go with for your home or business, think about.

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