How to Decorate Your Home in Native American Catalogs

While some may think that a native american home decor catalogs requires an extensive collection of authentic artifacts, this is not necessarily true.

Native American home decor can be as simple or complex as you’d like it to be, depending on the styles you choose and how many authentic artifacts you already have at home.

The Native American style of home decorating has been growing in popularity since the 1990s, and you’ll find that there are many different styles to consider when decorating your home in this style.

We’ll cover some of the basics here as well as give you some ideas on how to go about decorating your home in this beautiful style while also keeping within your budget.

5 Styles of Native American Interior Design

In a Native American interior design catalog, there are five styles of Native American interior design, ranging from casual to traditional. Each style is designed to create a comfortable and welcoming home based on Native American themes.

In each of these styles you can choose what feels right for your home, whether that be items made from animal hides, mirrors or wall art.

native american home decor catalogs

Navajo Interiors

While there are variations among individual Navajo families, common styles include basketry for baskets, rugs and sand paintings; jewelry for necklaces, bracelets and earrings; pottery for mugs, bowls and kachina dolls; paintings for rugs or buckskin dresses; silverwork that includes many different types of necklaces, bracelets, bridles and ceremonial bowls. 

Some Navajo artisans create their own combinations of these media into unique works of art.

Hopi Interiors

The Hopi tribe has long been known for producing lovely native american home decor catalogs. In these catalogs, you can find Hopi rugs, pottery, blankets and even entire rooms that are produced by and bought from certified Hopi artisans. 

The best way to look at a native american home decor catalog is as an art book of sorts. 
The home is like a gallery where your new Hopis hang on your walls or gracefully sit on shelves waiting for an appreciative guest.

Crow Interiors

One of America’s most beautiful native tribes is also one of its most culturally diverse. With a history that spans generations, it’s no surprise that decorating your home with Native American style comes with many considerations. 

Before you begin your next interior design project, keep these important elements in mind: Mica: This silicate mineral is actually one of several types found within various parts of North America.

Sioux Interiors

When most people think of Native American interior design, they often imagine pristinely preserved artifacts from centuries past, but that doesn’t have to be your reality.

Modern interior design elements inspired by Native Americans can still be a part of your home without having to worry about dust collecting on items that will never see the light of day. 
Keep reading to learn five tips on creating a Native American-inspired space in a way that is as chic as it is respectful to local Native communities.

Blackfoot Interiors

Interior design in native american style might appear to be more difficult than decorating a regular room, but with a few simple tips you can create an authentic appearance. 

For example, blackfoot-inspired interiors require fur rugs and intricate prints on your walls and ceiling to really nail that look.
Try out these five tips if you’re considering native american interior design.

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