Modern Interior Design Paint Colors For 2022

How do you know what modern interior paint colors to choose? The answer is simple, either pick your favorite color or look at some of the more contemporary choices out there. 

For this article, we’re going to be looking at ten modern and contemporary interior paint colors that you’ll really love and will suit most modern home spaces, whether they be living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms or kitchens.

The world of interior design can be intimidating, with new styles and trends popping up all the time. One thing that never goes out of style? Paint colors. 

Luckily, these modern interior paint colors are easy to incorporate into any style or decorating scheme, and you’ll love the way they look in your home for years to come! 

Here are 10 modern and contemporary interior paint colors that you’ll love if you’re looking to revamp your home decor with a fresh look! kitchens.

10 Modern and Contemporary Interior Paint Colors You’ll Love

modern interior paint colors

1) Salmon Pink

Warm, welcoming, happy what’s not to love about salmon pink? It doesn’t have a lot of contrast with other colors, but it’s still ideal for modern interior design. 

This is especially true if you’re working with white or neutral walls in your space. Salmon pink pairs well with both dark and light tones, so don’t be afraid to experiment! If you want something brighter or bolder, try pairing it with bright yellow or turquoise accents. 

If you want something more muted, pair it with gray tones or earthy browns.

2) Amethyst

This contemporary interior paint color is perfect for those who want something a little different from their living space. 

Its unique lilac tones bring both softness and subtle interest to any room, while also making it stand out. If you are looking for a new way to make your bedroom, living room or dining room sing, then Amethyst might be just what you need! 

To get that more modern interior design look with some delicate character thrown in, Amethyst might be right up your alley. It’s definitely one of our favorites on our list today of modern interior design colors!

3) Pumpkin Orange

Some interior designers advise home owners to avoid painting walls orange or other bright hues, but we think pumpkin orange is a color that truly shines. 

Pumpkin orange is a soft color, not too harsh or too dark. It gives a space an interesting bit of warmth without overpowering everything else in it. In fact, if you have brown furniture and natural woods in your room, pumpkin orange can be an ideal accent color. 

A good rule of thumb with interior paint colors is to choose one main accent wall an area that draws attention  rather than trying to incorporate multiple bright colors into your room at once (which will most likely just look busy). Avoiding overly trendy colors may be best when it comes to modern interior design paint colors.

4) Slate Blue

New York, Los Angeles, Chicago these cities may have a reputation for being bright and brash, but there’s something to be said for a nice muted tone. 

Slate blue pairs beautifully with gray, white or cream. When used as an accent color on smaller items like pillows or vases, it has a way of drawing attention without being overwhelming. 

It’s also one of those colors that can be paired with just about anything: from bold geometric prints to mid-century modern furniture pieces, you’re sure to find a way to incorporate it into your decorating style.

5) Graphite Gray

Gray is a very versatile paint color, particularly in interior design. It provides a soft contrast that brings together different textures, colors, and shapes. 

Graphite gray also known as taupe is a gray that’s not too bright or dark. If you’re looking for modern interior design paint colors for your walls or other surfaces, try out graphite gray. 

It works well in both living rooms and dining rooms as an accent color. Choose it alongside warmer tones like reds, oranges, yellow-greens or greens to create sophisticated yet inviting interior designs.

6) Industrial White

This is a versatile neutral that works well with modern furnishings. If you’re decorating an industrial-style loft, choose a white paint color with a hint of grey in it this will make it look cooler than pure white. 

For more traditional home décor, go for cooler whites (with blue undertones) to maintain a cohesive feel. Behr’s Platinum Shell is another gorgeous option that works in both contemporary and traditional homes. Plus, it’s VOC-free so you can breathe easy

7) Driftwood

The look of driftwood can offer a vintage feel to a room without being too trendy or dated. Plus, it’s much more affordable than real pieces of driftwood, which usually run for a pretty penny at flea markets. 

A lot of home décor stores carry artificial versions in variety packs or you can just grab one piece of driftwood from a beach vacation; it probably won’t be missed when you come back anyway! When it comes to modern interior design colors , driftwood offers that rough touch while still being smooth enough to be practical. 

In other words, your DIY project will look good but won’t get roughed up in everyday use, so long as you choose a strong paint.

8) Creamy Yellow

This shade is a medium yellow, with just a touch of gray to it. It looks great in living rooms with wood paneling, but can also be used for kitchens, especially if you love to cook. 

We recommend Harvest Gold by Sherwin Williams for getting that creamy yellow look. A little goes a long way with Creamy Yellow paint; don’t overdo it on your walls or you may end up looking like an egg yolk! Don’t let that put you off though; sunny yellows are not only stunning but they’re energizing.

Try these shades as an accent in bedrooms or bathrooms for a cheerful ambiance no matter what time of day or night it is.

9) Ivory

Bright white with a hint of gray, ivory has an elegant look to it. This shade is also warm, which means it will balance any cooler hues in your space. In addition to brightening up your living area or kitchen, a coat of ivory on your bathroom walls will give you that spa-like feel you’ve always wanted. 

Mixing some ivory paint with one or two drops of your favorite color can create almost any shade for those times when you just can’t choose one particular hue.

10) Steel Grey

This gorgeous grey is a real workhorse color. It’s not bright, but it’s not dull either it just sort of holds its own. Plus, unlike many grays, it goes with just about everything.

browns, blues, greens If you’re looking for a calm color that brings life to a room without being too invasive steel grey might be right for you. If you want something brighter, try out seaglass or robin’s egg blue. For more subdued tones, check out loden green or ash white. 

There are plenty of other modern interior design colors in between as well but these should give you an idea of what else is out there!

Modern interior paint colors 2022

Great paint colors can make or break a room. It’s important to consider that each color has a psychological effect on us; colors evoke emotions, and certain hues can actually encourage or discourage specific activities. 
When it comes to home decorating, contemporary interior design color is so popular because of its ability to change our moods even in a subtle way. Here are some tips on choosing paint colors that won’t leave you blue unless you love being sad of course.

modern interior paint colors

Modern interior paint colors

They frequently work well with the other colors, shapes, and appearances you opt to place in any provided room. 

Maybe the very best need to include them in an interior design is exactly since they are complementary to virtually any type of area. Whether that space is huge and open with few items, or tiny and cluttered, the best item in the best location could make a useful contribution.

house painting designs and colors

Modern interior paint

An unusual aspect of lots of modern interior design ideas is exactly how readily available they are to virtually anyone. allows saying, for instance, that you are in a facility or gallery and you merely fall in love with a certain sculpture or painting. Perhaps you can afford it without a doubt as well as are happy to take it away as a component of your increasing collection.

modern interior colors

Modern interior paint ideas

However, possibly it is priced a little over what you can truly validate. However, you still want it. Never ever, be afraid, the good news is, oftentimes those pieces you prefer can be acquired gradually. They are not merely for the abundant and famous. 

Modern interior wall colors

Numerous galleries also have layaway programs. if you find a piece that is excessive for your budget plan, merely communicate with the conservatory as well as view exactly what might be exercised. Just before you know it, you will have it is a good idea for and showed proudly in your home or office.

Modern bedroom paint colors

Fine art could go practically anywhere if it is the appropriate product. With a little idea and initiative, and some aid from professionals when required, your modern interior design paint color can be effectively applied throughout whatever area you desire. in the shower room, paying attention to the naturally increased humidity degree is important.

Modern interior design colors

A long warm shower or bathroom is definitely visiting make some art pieces unwise to contribute to the area. You do not have to go for cold, intimidating, contemporary vacant shower room spaces. Just add the appropriate bronze sculpture or correctly shielded item of abstract fine art on the wall as well as the whimsy or color you present will absolutely make the space come active.

modern interior colors

Interior design wall colors

Modern interior colors this very same concept uses just as for all the rooms in your house. Be bold. attempt just what you assume you will such as. if you do not such as something, you could consistently transform it. Have fun with the emotional feedbacks that art produces in you as well as others. 

If you do, you will experience how well modern-day interior design concepts, as well as art, actually can fit.

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