How To Choose Light Gray Paint for Garage Walls

Applying light gray paint to garage walls can be a great way to open up the space and make it feel bigger than it really is. 

Of course, there are other options available, including brick or stone accent walls or even full-blown murals, but if you’re looking for something that will tie everything together without being too dramatic, light gray paint might be your best bet. 

If you’re thinking about painting your grey garage walls with light gray paint, here are some key points to keep in mind before you get started.

The Differences Between These Commonly Used Grays

Although these are commonly used grays, there are actually a lot of differences between them. 

For example, in low-end paint jobs, it’s more common to use one shade of gray that’s applied by hand. 

In professional painting jobs on higher-end buildings, it is more common to have multiple shades of gray applied at different times using a spray gun.

Cool vs Warm Tones in Gray

While many homeowners are familiar with warm and cool tones in the paint, not as many know about them in concrete. 

When choosing a color scheme for your garage floor, be aware of cool vs warm tones. 

A bright white will give off a cooler tone, while warmer grays (or browns) tend to look more natural and earthy.

The Importance of Light Tones

Do you have a small garage, or do you simply want an easy way to brighten up a well-used room? If so, using light colors can be a great option. 

Light shades of gray think creams and whites help make your garage seem bigger than it actually is. 

Plus, light hues create a more open space that’s easier on your eyes and makes you feel less cramped.

Choosing the Right Color Scheme

Garage wall paint color recommendations are a matter of individual preference. If you’re planning to sell your home in five years, that’s probably something you’ll want to change anyway.

For a functional color scheme, choose colors that are pleasing to the eye and don’t distract potential buyers from your property.

Good choices are black, white, or gray; these colors make all objects look clean, organized, and new.

Choosing the Accent Colors

Once you’ve picked your primary color, you have a few options when it comes to accent colors. You can stick with a single color throughout or mix and match. 

If you want to mix and match, you have three options: complementary, triadic, and analogous.

Complementary is what most people choose for their garage doors because it offers a strong contrast most commonly using red or blue on yellow or green.

How to Arrange Colors

In a perfect world, you can pick any color scheme you want and everything will turn out right. 

However, if you’re reading an interior design or decorating website, chances are that things won’t be going as planned and your plans will change. 

Make sure that whatever color scheme you decide on is versatile enough to work with other pieces in your home.

5 light gray paint colors for your garage

light gray paint for garage walls

You have a lot of different options when it comes to choosing the right color scheme for your garage, but sometimes the obvious choices can be overlooked and overlooked. 

When you’re looking at light gray paint colors that will look great in your garage, there are several things to keep in mind. 

Some of these factors are things you can do yourself while others will require help from a professional like me! Make sure you’re keeping these 

5 light gray paint colors for your garage in mind as you explore your options.

1) Apple Whisper by Sherwin Williams

A crisp, refreshing color that’s also appropriate in kitchens, Apple Whisper is a lovely way to breathe new life into tired walls. 

When used in conjunction with other whites and grays, it helps establish a clean and serene palette. It’s also fun to combine with turquoise accents. 

If you are thinking of repainting your garage with white or gray color, try out Sherwin Williams’ Apple Whisper today!

2) Dove White by Sherwin Williams

According to most experts, Dove White is the shade of white you want to use in your garage. 

The vast majority of my clients use it and love it.

It’s a cool color with just a hint of blue, which will make you think it’s brighter than it actually is. 

This is great because too much brightness can make a space seem smaller than it really is.

3) Snow Cap by Benjamin Moore

With hues of gray, white, and black, Snow Cap by Benjamin Moore has been a hit among homeowners looking to jazz up their garages. 

It’s a trendy shade that can work in any décor. 

This color is most popular among people who choose not to display their cars in their garages. 

If you want to create an inviting space without being too bold.

4) Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore

For a truly clean-looking garage, Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl is a can’t-miss. 

The grays are subtle enough that they don’t overwhelm smaller cars parked inside, but they also won’t clash with other elements of your home like black or white might. 

It pairs nicely with darker woods and it goes on evenly we found it didn’t leave brush strokes behind, unlike some other light grays we tried in testing. Pairing: dark wood, metals

5) Silver Mist by Benjamin Moore

Silver Mist is a soft, matte color that will add sophistication to your garage. 

It’s not too dark or too light, making it a solid option if you aren’t sure which direction to go in with your colors. Silver Mist goes well with blues and grays, but it also looks great against wood tones. 

This color can be used on walls and trim to create a cohesive look throughout your space. 

For an even more modern look, choose Silver Mist on walls and white or silver on trim.

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