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Landscape gardening is often equated with painting. Your art teacher must have told you that a good picture should have focus and points to beautify or frame a central garden and landscaping idea. 

So in landscaping, the gardener needs to have an overall picture of what he wants when he is done with his work.

Beautiful Ideas Landscape Gardening 

From this research, we will be able to build a little theory about landscape:

Let’s go to the lawn. A good open lawn is always nice. It calms. It also gives a feeling of space to small plots. So we can generalize and say that keeping the grass pitch open is good. If you cover your lawn with lots of trees, here and there with small flower beds, the overall impression is restless and fussy.

ideas for landscape gardening

Ideas for landscape gardening

It’s a bit of an overdressed person. The reason why a person loses all individuality is treated like this. A single tree or a small group is not a bad arrangement in the garden. Do not center the tree or trees. 

Let them take a back seat. Make them a fun sideline. There are a few things to consider when choosing a tree.

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You don’t have to choose a strong tree; The tree should be well-shaped and have something interesting about the bark, leaves, flowers, or fruits. Although poplar grows quickly, it sheds its leaves early and stands naked and ugly before autumn gets old. Mind you, there are places where a row or two of Lombardy poplar trees is very effective.

sustainable garden designs

But I think you will agree that the poplar sole doesn’t. Catalpa is very beautiful in and of itself. The leaves are wide, the flowers are attractive, the pods stick to the tree until winter, adding a bit of beauty. 

The glowing berries of the ash tree, the glowing leaves of the sugar maple, the flowers of the tulip tree, the bark of the white birch, and the leaves of the common beech are all beauty points to consider.

landscape gardening designs

The location makes a difference in tree selection. Assuming the subsoil is rather low and damp, then the place is ideal for pastures. 

Don’t group trees that look awkward. The long-looking poplars do not go well with the slightly bulbous tulip tree. A juniper, so neat and tidy, would look ridiculous next to a chestnut spread. You have to keep an eye on proportion and conformity.

I never suggest planting a bunch of spruce trees near the house and in the front yard. The effect is very bleak indeed. Houses surrounded by such trees overlap and are not only gloomy but downright unhealthy. The main requirement in the house is sunlight and plenty of it.

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Just as trees are selected for certain good points, so are shrubs. In a clump, I expect some to bloom early, some late, some for the beauty of their fall foliage, some for the color of their skin, and others for the fruit. 

Some spirea and forsythia bloom early. The red bark of the dogwood retains some color throughout the winter, and the red berries of the barberry stick to the bushes well into the winter.

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Certain shrubs are good for hedging purposes. Fences are usually nicer than fences. California privet is great for this purpose. Orange Osage, Japanese barberry, sea buckthorn, Japanese quince, and Van Houtte spirea are other shrubs that make great hedges.

I forgot to say that when choosing trees and shrubs, it is usually better to choose those from the area where you live. Unusual and unknown plants do less well and are often out of tune, but poorly with their new arrangement.

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Landscaping can follow very formal lines or informal lines. The former will have straight paths, straight rows on rigid beds, all of which, as the name suggests, are very formal. The other way is of course the opposite. There is a dangerous point in every one.

The landscape of a house

Formal attitudes tend to be too rigid; informal, too talkative, too lively. As for roads, remember that roads always have to go somewhere. It was his job to lead someone to a certain place. Straight paths, even paths, are no fun if the effect is like a formal garden.

The danger in the curved path is an abrupt curve, a whirligig effect. It is far better for you to stick to straight paths unless you can make a really beautiful curve. No one can tell you how to do this. 

Garden paths can be gravel, earth, or grass. There are grass paths in some very beautiful parks. 

However, I doubt they will work in your little garden too. The area of ​​your garden is so limited that it has to be sprayed every season and grass paths are very annoying during this work. Gravel roads look great, of course, but you might not have gravel available either.

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It is possible for any of you to dig a two-foot path. Then put six inches of stone or clinker in it. In addition, lay it on the ground and slightly round it towards the middle of the street. There should never be a hollow in the middle of the path, as this creates a convenient spot for the water. The rock sub-layer creates a natural drainage system.

A building often needs the help of grapevines or flowers, or both, to connect it to the ground in such a way that it forms a harmonious whole. Vines are perfect for this job. It’s better to plant a perennial vine, so make it a permanent part of your landscaping plan. Virginia vines, wisteria, honeysuckle, climbing roses, clematis, and trumpet vines are all very satisfying.

landscape rocks

Close your eyes and imagine a house painted in natural soft gray made of weathered clapboard. Now add the purple wisteria to this old house. Can you see the beauty I will not soon forget the rather ugly corner of my parents’ house where the dining room and kitchen meet? Right there it climbed and fell over the trellis was a trumpet tendril. 

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It makes uncomfortable corners nice, a bit of shoddy carpentry.

landscape gardening ideas

Of course, Morning Glory is an annual vine, as are moon vines and wild cucumbers. These now have their special function. Because often bad things have to be covered up for a while until better things and better times come. Annual is the “man” for this job.

Along the old fence, the hop vine is a beauty. People can try to compete with forest landscape work. Because often people see an Ampelopsis tree decorated from one tree to another rotting tree.

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Flowers can grow along the sides of buildings or border roads. However, generally, keep the front yard space open and uninterrupted by the bed. What could be nicer in early spring than a daffodil bed near the house? Water hyacinths and tulips also form the flames of glory. There is little or no penetration and it starts to jump properly. Someone could make some exceptions to the uninterrupted front page rule.


The snowdrops and crocuses planted in the yard are beautiful. They do not disturb the overall effect but simply fit into the whole. A skilled bulb gardener says that in the fall you should pick up a basket of bulbs and walk around your yard, dropping the bulbs here and there. 

Wherever the tubers fall, plant them. Small bulbs like the ones we plant on the lawn should be in groups of four to six. Lilies can also be planted like this. You all remember the grape hyacinths that grew all over Katharine’s back garden.

Flower garden spots are usually on the side or back of the house. A backyard garden is a great idea, isn’t it? Who wants to leave a nice-looking front yard, turn the corner and find a pile of trash? No. I. The flower garden could be formally laid out in a pretty little flower bed, or it could be more sloppy, kind of hit and miss. Both have good points. A large mass of attractive flowers.


You have to have an idea about the color mix. Nature doesn’t seem to take this into account at all and it still has a miraculous effect. This is due to their abundance of perfect green backgrounds and their infinite space, while we were limited to a relatively small area.

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So we have to try hard not to blind people’s eyes with collisions of mismatched colors in close quarters. To break up the color extremes, you can always use white flower clusters or something like a mignonette, which is practically green.

Sustainable garden, In conclusion, let’s recap our landscape lesson. The terrain is the backdrop for a house or building. Open, free lawns, well-placed trees or suitable clusters, flowers that don’t clutter the front yard, clusters of bushes should be noted. 

The road should lead somewhere and be straight or well curved. When starting with a formal garden, don’t mix the informal with it until the work is done.

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