5+ Easy Ways to Hide Your Own Kitchen Clutter

Lighting Under Installed Cabinets Using a minimalist kitchen clutter look requires a little extra planning, given the equipment and plumbing features the room requires.

If hefty farm sinks aren’t your thing and thinking about stainless steel options bores you, consider tucking in a disguised sink. This seamless model is crafted from a piece of natural quartz and sits on your desk. Available in two sink sizes and six colors.

Kitchen Sink Hidden in Plain View

kitchen clutter
Detectable under-cabinet lighting will make slicing and dicing the tomatoes for your secret salsa recipe a little easier by brightening up your work area kitchen clutter. The system is equipped with a chip or linear light of your choice and keeps your backsplash undisturbed as the outlets are at the bottom of the cabinet.

It also features a USB port under the cabinet, perfect for charging while you’re opening recipes on Pinterest, and a Bluetooth-enabled speaker system for listening to your favorite podcasts.

Incognito Cabinet Spice Rack

Free up counter space and avoid annoying spills with a spice rack that slides out of your kitchen cabinets, a TOH kitchen clutter upgrade favorite. This model features three adjustable wooden shelves and a patented tri-slide ball bearing system for easy gliding. Shelves will work with existing kitchen cabinets.

Hidden Knife Rack

A magnetic knife rack attached to your backsplash can make a big move in freeing up countertop space. But you can take it a step further by securing shelves at the bottom of kitchen cabinets to keep mismatched cutlery out of sight.

We saw a clever idea on the Local Kitchen Blog, where Kaela, a blogger based in New York’s Hudson Valley, writes about local eating and cooking projects in a 64-square-foot kitchen. Even in larger kitchens, every prep space counts, especially the inches the knife block can fit.

Pop-out socket

Keep things tidy on the sides of your kitchen clutter island and other surfaces with outlets that will pop back into place when you’re done using them. You can swap this three-plug outlet for an existing one and customize it to suit your existing surfaces and equipment. Available in 32 colors.

Organizing kitchen clutter

Move things so that what you need is within your reach: Cutlery and plates should be near the sink, to organize the kitchen clutter that is so boring to our eyes to look at. Below we provide a few tips on how to organize kitchen clutter to make it look neat but easy.

7 ways to organizing kitchen clutter

  1. Use the tray to store frequently used cooking ingredients.
  2. Create a filled coffee station.
  3. Move the dish dryer to the inside of the sink.
  4. Get your knife block off the kitchen counter.
  5. Add floating shelves to the sides of the cabinets.
  6. Hang cookware on the wall.
  7. Select Open Rank.

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