Making the Most of Your Kitchen Bay Window Exterior

Are you one of the people who bought a house with kitchen bay windows but never really know what to do with them?

There are many ways to use your kitchen bay window exterior that make it much more functional and aesthetically pleasing than simply hiding it behind closed drapes or keeping it shut most of the time.

What’s the point of having a kitchen bay window if you never take advantage of it? The decorative features of the bay window, along with natural light from the window itself, can greatly improve your kitchen’s ambiance, making meal prep and cooking more enjoyable and relaxing.

However, most people simply use the bay window as an adornment to the room rather than an extension of it. To get the most out of your kitchen bay window exterior, follow these for decorating with it and using it to its full potential.

kitchen bay windows

Always consider lighting

As a general rule, light colors always look better in daylight. Rich colors can be attractive in your kitchen, but be wary that they can end up appearing dark and dingy when artificial light is directed on them.

In addition to mood lighting, consider using task lighting in your kitchen. If you spend a lot of time chopping veggies or cooking dinner at night, don’t just turn on your overhead lights put some recessed or track lighting over your work area.

The right kind of lighting will help you see what you’re doing without having to strain your eyes, and that’s especially important if you have other things to do while preparing dinner (like making phone calls or supervising homework).

Choose the window location wisely

When you’re choosing a location for your kitchen bay window, make sure to think about both usability and aesthetics.

You can save some money by choosing a corner spot instead of one next to an exterior wall but if that means that your cooktop or sink are in an awkward spot, it might not be worth it.

Also think about how often you’ll use your bay window: If you like to do things like stargaze or birdwatch from inside, make sure you’ll actually enjoy having that view every day.

Add storage

The homeowners in this case added storage to a previously underutilized space. This is a great option for small kitchens.

When designing your kitchen, think about how you’ll be using it and what will make it most functional for you and your family whether that means extra counter space, more shelving, or other types of organizational systems like drawers or cabinets. The key is to use all available spaces.

Be consistent with color choice

For a consistent look, use one color for your kitchen bay window exterior. Don’t be afraid to mix shades and tones, but just make sure it’s all from one family.

In a creamy off-white, you can really play with different textures and patterns; try adding in faux brick or stone design elements (stick on tiles are easy to use) as well as wainscoting or trim to create some variation.

If you want your kitchen bay window exterior to stand out more, add a complimentary door or curtains. While these tactics work for all interiors, they’re especially helpful when working with limited space because they keep things looking open and uncluttered.

Keep things tidy

Nothing makes a home look cluttered faster than dirty windows. If you don’t like them, buy new shades and keep them closed. If you do like them, open your drapes at least three hours before dusk every day to let in natural light and keep your home looking bright and inviting. That way, you can enjoy your kitchen bay window as an extension of your kitchen rather than part of its unsightly backdrop.

Use plants creatively

If you have a little space to work with, try growing an herb garden. Plant fragrant herbs, such as lavender and basil, in small containers near your kitchen window. Watering is minimal so herbs don’t need frequent watering.

For plants that have woody stems (such as rosemary), you can use an old terra cotta pot or create a planter box out of cement blocks just poke holes into them to accommodate plant roots.

Add succulents, such as aloe vera and jade plants, in other planters; they require very little water but look great on display outside your kitchen window. Then add floating candles on top for additional ambiance.

Maximize visibility from inside

One of your biggest challenges with a kitchen bay window is getting it to look good from inside.

Since you’re working with a semi-opaque piece of glass, it can be difficult to highlight its best features from within.

Try to choose a paint color that contrasts with, but doesn’t completely cover up, your view and make sure you only hang artwork on one wall don’t let all four walls compete for your attention by trying to display artwork on them all.

Seasonal decorations add charm

There’s no need to go overboard with Christmas decorations maybe just put a few tasteful touches on your front door or place some festive indoor plants throughout your home. If you want to, then feel free to deck out your whole house in holiday finery.

The important thing is that you take time every day to acknowledge and appreciate all that life has given you your food, your friends, and your beautiful home. You deserve it!

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