How To Protect Your Walls, Floors, and Carpet When Moving

how to protect your walls floors

When moving household items, most people concentrate on the safety of the items. However, very little focus is given to moveable things such as walls, carpets, and floors.


It is essential to understand that your walls, floors, stairs, carpets, or even elevators are also at risk when relocating. Hence, you must protect them adequately to ensure they are not damaged. 


Whether you have recruited NYC movers to help you relocate or it is a DIY move, protecting your walls, floors, and carpets is a must. This will ensure they are not scraped or dinged when moving. 


Remember that if you damage some of these things, your landlord may refuse to return the deposit. Moreover, you may incur extra costs if you do not protect your new home. 


Below are tips on protecting your walls, floors, and carpet when moving your household items. 


Tips to keep Walls, Floors, and Carpets protected when moving


The process of moving is a stressful one. If you are not well prepared, you may incur a lot of costs. Hence, it is worth putting a little effort into protecting your belongings and house. 


How to protect your walls when moving


When moving, walls are the most exposed parts of the house. Hence, you can easily be damaged by large furniture pieces with sharp corners. The sharp corners are likely to scratch against your house wall and give them a rough look. 


You can protect the corners of the walls with good padding. Drop cloths also work very well in protecting the walls against scratches. If you have involved professional movers, they will help you with proper padding. 


Another strategy to protect your walls when moving is to tape them with cardboard. However, it would help if you used it correctly to ensure it does not peel off the paint when removing it. 


Some people use corner guards on the edges of the furniture before moving them. This will ensure they do not scratch the walls. Also, it is essential to check the measurements of the door frames before moving the furniture pieces. If the furniture is too large, it can damage the frame. 


Professional movers often remove the frames before taking the furniture out. Another option is to disassemble the furniture to ensure it goes through the door smoothly. 


How to protect the floors when moving

protect your walls floors

It is also essential to protect the old and the new house floors when moving. The sharp corners of your tables, sofas and other pieces of furniture can damage the floor. 


If you drop your furniture can easily puncture the floors or even crack the tiles. Hence, it is important to protect the floor when relocating. 


One thing you can do to protect your house floors against damage when moving is padding the furniture. Furniture well-padded before lighting or moving cannot damage the floor. 


Another thing you can do is dismantle your furniture. When a piece of furniture is disassembled, it is easier to move the smaller parts. This is because they are portable and lightweight. 


After disassembling, pack the parts in a protected covering such as a moving blanket before moving them. But make sure the pieces are kept together to make it easy to assemble when you arrive in the new home.


Also, a durable paper floor is designed to protect the floor against knocks from heavy items such as sofas and chairs. It is an excellent material to keep the floor protected. 


Another affordable way to protect the floor is placing cardboard boxes, moving blankets, or thick sheets on the floor when moving. 


How to protect the carpet when moving


It is easy to damage your carpet during a move. In addition, it can be exposed to damage if not well protected. You can first put cardboard at the base of the furniture to ensure the edges and the weight does not damage your carpet. 


The other option is to use self-adhesive film to protect the carpet. It is well designed to ensure the surfaces become non-slippery and protect the carpet from punctures and tears. 


Final Word


Moving to a new place is fun and exciting. However, the process is not a fun one. From packing to moving and protecting your items, there is so much you need to do for you to have a smooth and stress-free process. 


Property damage such as dented walls scratched floors, or stairs maiming can spoil your relocation experience. But if you can follow the above tips, you can be assured of an excellent moving process. 


Engaging a reliable, professional moving company such as NYC movers is also a good idea. An insured moving company is a safe way to ensure you and your items are protected during the move. Therefore, research when hiring movers to ensure you select a reliable, reputable, and insured company. Hence, you will not worry when something happens to the walls, floors, or your items.  

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