How Often Should You Paint Your Ceilings?

Are you thinking about painting your ceiling? But don’t know is this the right time? There is no doubt that the quality and color of the paint of your home play a vital role in visual appeal along with aesthetic desirability. 

You have to repaint your ceilings from time to time as this part of the house brightens up your room about 20% after painting. Though you can repaint your ceilings every 10 years, it’ll be better to repaint them with the walls. 

Depending on the areas of your house rooms, the ceiling painting time actually differs. Like your bedroom ceilings should be repainted every two to three years and the kitchen once a year. Here you’ll get the complete details in this article.

How Often Should You Paint Your Ceilings?

how often should you paint your ceilings

Painting the interior of your home includes the ceiling also. If you decide to repaint your ceiling, it can brighten up your room. It takes time for your ceilings to get yellow or duller than the walls. You have to reprint your ceilings at least every ten years. Instead, it’ll be a good option to repainting ceilings when you do the walls.  

You can see some yellow spots on your ceiling as a consequence of sunlight, moisture, temperature, and other daily wear. Sometimes people don’t notice the yellow part until it’s too late. Before it turns too bad, you have to know that ceiling paint lasts longer than paint on the walls of your home. 

Some people also use ceiling paint on walls. You should keep in mind that one single coat of ceiling paint is even more efficient than three layers of wall paint. Your ceiling can look bright if you paint your ceiling every time you paint your walls. 

It can remove the dark spots of candles, sun yellowing, and cooking extracts or smoke and brighten your ceiling by about 20%. As an alternative to hiring a professional, you can do this yourself. But when you paint your ceiling from professionals, it can usually last for ten years. 

Though flat white is the favored color for ceilings, most quality paintings can’t last for a long time. The functional life of the painting depends on several factors- 

  • Types of surfaces
  • Number of coats you’ve applied
  • Existence of crevices, indentations along with fissures  in a substrate
  • Quality of your primer
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • The potency of cleaning and wiping
  • Disclosure to the grease, oils, and emollients
  • Oftenness of physical abrasions and scuffs

Considering all these things in your mind, let’s discuss how often you should paint the ceiling of your property.

General Wearing Signs That You Should Consider

general wearing signs that you should consider

Before we go to a discussion of specific parts, here we’re for some conspicuous indicators which you should know- 

  • Bubbling and cracking on the paint of the ceiling
  • While you see a fade paint
  • Morphing or inconsistent color of the paint
  • Hardened caulk
  • When the paint leaves dusty residue like chalking
  • Chipping and fragmenting
  • Rotting substrates

Hallways, Corridors, and Vestibules

These are the most used areas of a house. These places endure a lot of foot traffic, built-in lighting fixtures as well as the temperature of various seasons. That’s why you have to take a gap of three to four years to repaint hallways, corridors, and vestibules sections

Living Rooms and Dining Rooms

The ceiling areas of the living and dining rooms last longer than the hallways. In these parts of the house, members spend their leisure time and drink a lot. Depending on this, you should repaint the ceiling of the living and dining areas of your home every five to seven years. But if you change the decor of your living and dining rooms, you should repaint your walls and ceilings to maintain a cohesive theme.

Bedrooms Ceiling 

Bedroom ceiling paints last up to a decade which you can use without painting a new coat. But when you’re talking about your children’s room, then there’s something different that happens. 

There are some hectic activities that occur in a children’s room like spreading colors, toy throwing, etc. The damage spreads through the walls to the upper section. That’s why you have to do some touch-ups on the ceiling of your bedroom once every two to three years or so.  

Kitchen Ceiling 

Kitchens are the heart of a house, and the high usage area also. Every time in this room, you can feel the fluctuation of the heat and greasy build-up in your cooking implements or extractors. 

Depending on your cooking time, hot air rises in your kitchen room. You can see oily particles and other sticky compounds on your ceiling, and this can cause discolored tarnished paint. To get a shiny and luster ceiling in your kitchen, you have to paint it once a year.

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What Brush Should You Use While Painting Ceiling

what brush should you use while painting ceiling

While painting your house, you should start this with the ceiling. By doing this, you can coat your ceiling at least twitch. You should also use a roller with a double arm frame when painting your ceiling. 

This type of roller ensures to give proper support at both ends of it. While painting with a roller, it pressures across the width of it; that’s why most people recommend using a medium pile roller with a stainless double arm frame.

Wrapping Up

The main purpose of painting your ceiling is to update the paint color as well as to give a great look. Ceilings of your house typically don’t require to be painted as often as the walls. Repainting your ceilings requires that you follow some common guidelines. 

Following them can keep your paintings looking fresh and give an aesthetic look. We hope you gain as much benefit as you desire from this article. If you have further questions, comment below to know more about painting.

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