8 Trending Hallway Paint Colors 2022 For Home Decoration

The hallway in the house serves as a place of transition from room to room.

Now hallway colors 2022, the hallway area is not just a place to pass by, many people create it so that it has added value.

Is the hallway a forgotten room? Break all the rules and make a modern home feel with blocks of rich colors like turquoise or burgundy. Create a smoky and elegant feel with a luxurious violet, smart charcoal, or a strong muted green.

Hallway colors 2022

hallway paint color

One way is by presenting the concept of a different hallway color. Below we will review 8 hallway colors 2022 that can help you in choosing the right color.

New neutral color

New Neutrals Conjuring a wall color with a soothing green, adding a vibrant color with orange shelving, or wrapping the dining room in brown may be the easiest ways to give your home a new feel.

However, the refreshing classic white is not to be taken lightly.

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Warm sunset

Who doesn’t want to feel the warmth and freshness in their home? This one will help you make it happen.

The combination of very fairy colors with various shades of yellow and green can make your home feel more comfortable, warm, and harmonious. These colors can also bring peace within.

Apply this color palette to wall decor, furniture, and sweeteners in your home to make it look more charming.

One way is to use this beautiful green chair.

Earth tone color

Earth tone colors that look natural will also be popular in 2022. Earth tone colors can indeed give the impression of a relaxed, comfortable, and natural home interior.

The colors of earth tones are also quite diverse. You can use greens, blues, browns, grays, and even muted pinks. Choose earth tone colors that are not flashy so that the atmosphere of the house remains pleasing to the eye.

Green and yellow

If the green and yellow colors used are usually muted or bright, the green and yellow colors that are predicted to be popular in 2022 will tend to have unusual color variations, such as olive green and mustard yellow.

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The combination of these two unusual colors will certainly make the house feel cool and quirky but still looks elegant. To compensate, you can use warm neutral colors such as beige or broken white.

Charcoal blue color

The first color trend prediction for 2022 is charcoal blue. This color will become popular because it is similar to the color of the sea. People who are still active at home are predicted to choose this color because it can give the impression of a vacation without having to leave the house.

Charcoal blue can give a comfortable and calming effect. This effect will feel more comfortable if you apply it to the living room or bedroom. Your room will bring a classic feel, without seeming stiff.


After becoming a clothing color trend in 2021, lilac or this light purple color will be popular as a wall paint color in 2022. This color gives the impression of luxury, as well as serenity if you apply it to any room in the house.

If you combine it with pink, white and gray, you will get a more majestic and lively impression in the room. You can apply this color to the bedroom to make it more comfortable when resting, as well as the family room to be more comfortable when hanging out with loved ones.

Warm countryside

From Moroccan gold pinks to terracotta tones, these ‘down to earth’ colors themselves creates a landscape’s association with nature.

Materials of clay and stone, sand and earth, a combination of red, brown, or yellow, give warmth like returning to the village. It feels like a vacation in an exotic place, but at home, here.

Positive harmony in pink

Before choosing a paint color, first imagine the shades of pink on the flamingo bird, the color of the sky at sunset, salmon pink, roses, to the color of blush. Pink is the color of harmony, affection, sweetness, joy, and femininity.

So, when you choose a pink hue in your home interior design, make sure it creates positive emotions, serenity, tenderness, and love.

Those are eight stylish hallway colors 2022 area inspirations that you can copy.

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Hallway paint color 2022

hallway colors

The hallway paint color for 2022, an uplifting hue of yellow exudes a cheerfulness that’s infectious, without being invasive or domineering.

One of the biggest trends in cat colors for 2022 is the change from cool, earthy colors to bright, vibrant colors.

Color trends are evolving and you can keep the walls neutral and show your personality through color in an unexpected and original way.

If the stairs aren’t carpeted, you can use paint to create stairs in an eye-catching color, each painted a different hallway colors 2022. That is all and thank you

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