7 Garage Wall Protection Ideas to Keep Your Home Looking Great

When it comes to garage wall protection ideas, there are many different ways you can go about it. You can purchase some of the protection ideas at home stores and hardware stores, or you can do it yourself with what you already have around the house. 

No matter what type of garage wall protection idea you decide to go with, make sure that the protection idea you choose protects your garage from extreme weather conditions like hot sun, rain, and strong winds so that the garage looks great year-round.

1) Apply a moisture barrier

Applying a moisture barrier is probably one of your best bets for protecting garage walls from water damage. 

Generally speaking, paint isn’t enough to protect a wall because it can be scuffed and worn down over time. 

If you’re dealing with dampness behind your walls, there’s likely an issue with your subfloor or there could be cracks or holes in your foundation. 

These types of issues should be addressed immediately so that you don’t deal with rotting wood that leads to structural problems down the road. 

Make sure you read up on how to seal cracks and holes, check out these home maintenance guides, and contact a professional if necessary: Foundation Cracks Repair Guide; Foundation Repair Guide; How To Fix Damaged Subfloors

2) Cover door openings

Even if you’re not using a garage for storage, you probably want your wall space for something better than just a blank wall. 

There are some protective options that work best for weather protection without getting in your way. For example, placing wood or plastic strips over your door openings is a great way to prevent dust and other airborne particles from entering your garage. 

These strips can be easily removed when they’re not needed, so they won’t get in your way while working in your garage.

3) Replace old windows

One of the easiest ways to protect your garage is by replacing old or broken windows. Old windows are often subject to weathering which will cause them to discolor over time, which can give your garage a very outdated look. 

Replacing old windows with new ones will not only help protect your home from extreme weather and make it look nicer, but it can also improve energy efficiency as well. 

Investing in a new garage window replacement may require some upfront money, but it will be well worth it when you get down the road.

4) Paint exterior walls

One of the best ways to protect your garage wall is by painting it. This provides a protective layer that can help prevent fading, peeling, and cracking. 

One downside is that you’ll have to pay for professional assistance unless you have painting experience. 

If you opt for standard latex paint, look for a thicker one so it stands up better against sun and wind damage. 

You’ll also want to paint as soon as possible after weather-related damage occurs in order to avoid further deterioration.

5) Provide proper insulation

When your garage walls are exposed, they’re susceptible to moisture buildup. If you want your garage walls and surroundings to stay dry and look good, it’s a good idea to install foam insulation. 

Make sure that you check how much wall thickness is required for high-quality insulation using a special tool called an insulation thickness meter, which will help ensure that you get a perfect job every time.

6) Use roof overhangs and gutters

If your garage is a part of your home, you can use roof overhangs and gutters to shield it from rain. While these options will not stop moisture from being absorbed by parts of your garage that don’t have shelter, they can prevent damage and mold growth. 

Even if you live in an area where rainfall isn’t an issue, your garage may still get wet from other sources like cars or flooding. These strategies can help keep your structure dry and safe for storage.

7) Protect your garage with storm shutters

garage wall protection ideas
One of the most effective and long-lasting ways to keep your best color for garage wallslooking great is by protecting it with storm shutters. 

These retractable roll-down panels have an aluminum skin that can withstand extreme weather conditions like hail, rain, wind, sun, and snow. 

They’re easy to install and operate, require no maintenance, and are built with top-quality materials. Plus, they add value to your home while keeping it safe from storms.

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