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Decorate dorm room ideas, Are you looking forward to college? Alone, studying a subject that truly interests you sharing the tiniest room you’ve ever seen with someone you barely know? Welcome to hostel life.

Decorating ideas for dorm rooms, Hey, it can’t be helped. But it doesn’t have to be an aspect of college that you want to block from your mind forever. Harmonious coexistence with your boarding partner can be achieved with a few simple tips.

How To Decorate Your Dorm Room

College room decorating, Getting into a dorm that both of you are comfortable in is very important, even if you have very different tastes in how you want to be in the room. Start by sitting down with your roommate, before being transferred to a 150-gallon aquarium with built-in speakers and your neighborhood sound CD collection, and try doing this:

How can I make my dorm room look cute?

  1. Make the most of the space you have.
  2. Avoid basic poster sales posters. 
  3. Cover this wall with a rug.
  4. Mirrors enlarge the space.
  5. Carpets to cover rough floors.
  6. Lots of lighting. 
  7. Use your accessories as art. 
  8. Raise your bed.

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1. Find a common design that makes both of you happy. Bunk beds? Small fridge to share? Wall art? Keep in mind that your computer workstation – oh yes, you will need one – will occupy most of the space in your room. Instead of two big, bulky desks, two printer carts, and the ubiquitous cable, consider a few alternative options. We found a great option at

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Designed for maximum space efficiency, the Adjustable Classroom Table is built so that two people can use the same workstation at the same time! And it costs less than $250 (halved, that’s less than what each of you would pay for an individual table of lower quality). And you can decide together which color combination to choose.

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2. Shop together. Before you leave, each of you should make a list of what you like and what you really dislike: bright colors, abstract art, nautical themes… a “can’t stand” list. Then make a plan of what to look for when shopping and stick to that plan. For example, if you both like neutral colors, dark woods, and lots of candles for the mood, don’t start choosing wild and colorful prints because they catch your eye while shopping.

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Choose a store that sells neutrals and dark woods and visit together. You may not get what you love, but you also won’t end up with something you hate.

decorate your dorm room

cute decorations for dorm rooms

3. Hold a meeting to discuss your lifestyle. Do it at lunch and really talk about it. What household chores do you hate the most, that doesn’t bother you? Are you a neat monster or a redneck? Do you like sleeping with a very cold room full of blankets, or turning on the heat? It’s important to be aware of other people’s lifestyles so you can make a plan to deal with them if they don’t match yours.

College room decor, You can’t avoid all potential roommate problems, but you can approach life situations with the right attitude and a plan that will effectively minimize stress. And it will make your next four years much more enjoyable.

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