Home Decoration Ideas With Plants Using Indoor Styling

Making plants as home decoration instruments is not new.

However, since the local government has advised the public to stay at home, the trend of decorating houses with plants has developed quite significantly when Covid 19 was around.

Paying attention to the right types of ornamental plants and according to the room is one of the most important aspects for decorating with plants.

Types of plants that are suitable for each room in the house So, how to decorate with plants according to the tastes of each room in the house?

Don’t worry, I will share some ways of decorating with plants that make our living room cool. Before we discuss further, let’s look at the benefits and how to care for ornamental plants.

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Benefits of Keeping Ornamental Plants at Home

decorating with plants

Houseplants are good for your health – and not just for their visual beauty. Why? They do essentially the opposite of what we do when we breathe: release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide.

Extensive research by NASA has revealed that houseplants can remove up to 87 percent of airborne toxins in 24 hours.

Research has also proven that indoor plants increase concentration and productivity (up to 15 percent!), reduce stress levels, and improve your mood – making them perfect not only for the home but also for the workspace.

Indoor decorating with plants

indoor decorating with plants

How to Take Care of Indoor Ornamental Plants

Although it does not require extra care, indoor ornamental plant care requires different treatment from ornamental plants placed outdoors. 

So that indoor ornamental plants do not wither quickly, there are several treatments that these ornamental plants need, such as watering, lighting, temperature, fertilizing, pruning, and replacing planting media.
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Watering indoor ornamental plants does not need to be done every day. The amount of water that is poured will cause root rot. Indoor plants only need to be watered when the soil begins to dry out.

In addition, when watering indoor ornamental plants also need to be considered. The right time to water these indoor ornamental plants is in the morning.

The reason is, water has time to absorb all parts of the plant before evaporating when exposed to sunlight during the day.

Home decorating with plants

home decorating with plants

There are 5 decorating plants in the house to make the house look unique and attractive:

1. Table decoration with mini ornamental plants

Being all day at your desk or study table at home without attractive decorations will certainly be boring. Therefore, the presence of ornamental plants can be the right solution to give a refreshing feel.

Research conducted by Dr. Chris Knight and his colleagues from Exeter University showed that a person’s productivity will increase by 15 percent after their desk or study is decorated with ornamental plants.

If the size of the study or work desk is not too large, you can put some mini ornamental plants to beautify it, such as succulent types.

To care for this ornamental plant, you need to spray water once a week and place it near the sun.

2. Put tall types of plants in the living room

If your living room is small, ornamental plants will be the best choice in giving a cool feel to the area.

Tall plants can easily dominate a room, especially with a medium-sized pot with a stylish design.

If you don’t want tall plants, you can put a smaller size on the table so that it still stands out.

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3. Place ornamental plants in the bathroom

The bathroom is one of the right spaces to put some ornamental plants.

Bathroom conditions that have high humidity levels actually make some ornamental plants can live and grow better in this room, for example, Sanderiana Curly.

4. Decorate the terrace with a collection of plants

The terrace of the house is the most perfect place to put various types of ornamental plants, especially those that require direct sunlight.

A terrace filled with plants will give a fresh natural feel to your home. To stay neat and organized, take advantage of neutral-colored plant stands or rattan pots to display your plants.

5. Color the hobby room with hanging plants

To make the corner of the hobby room cozier, you can add decorations with hanging plants. Also read: Types of Plants that are Suitable for every room in the House The trick is to place hanging ornamental plants near the window where there is sunlight.

In addition, choose neutral-colored curtains and hanging pots that can complement your favorite hanging ornamental plants.

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