Bamboo Stick Ideas For Simple Natural Home Decoration

Bamboo sticks have many types. Another name for bamboo is reeds. In this world, bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants.

Because it has a unique rhizome system, in a day bamboo can grow up to 50cm (20 In) or more, depending on soil conditions and climatology where it is planted.

But now bamboo sticks have become a trend to be decorated with bamboo sticks to make them more useful, for example, what we are discussing here is bamboo sticks for home decoration. Can it be done! Or not?

Check out the explanation below on how to make decorative bamboo sticks for a homeroom:

decorating with bamboo sticks

Decorating with bamboo sticks

Bamboo is a natural material that can be used to make furniture.

The best idea for decorating with bamboo sticks is that if what we are discussing here is about bamboo stick house design styles, there are many different aspects that you can apply to your new home to impress guests with your home.

You can have wooden doors even if you want to build a new house.

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As the name suggests, the door design like bamboo sticks allows you to implement a classic home design.

The main purpose of homeowners choosing this door design is because it can give the impression of calm and elegance with a natural feel.

Bamboo complements modern furnishings. Add natural decorative accents but still look simple and minimalist.

Bamboo sticks for home decor

bamboo sticks for home decor
Bamboo sticks for home decor may be the best for you if you want relaxation after a long day at work.

If you are one of those busy executives who want to relax after a long day at work setting up bamboo sticks might be the best for you.

Bamboo sticks are a luxury for some people. This is because not many people can afford to build a house with bamboo, knowing the basic components of a bamboo stick can help you enjoy this modern pastime.

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Basic bamboo stick furniture such as home theater chairs and television cabinets may be great arrangements for your living room. Other furniture that will enhance your home setting may be needed.

Bamboo Stick Lights

bamboo stick lights
Image source : Aliexpress

The perfect addition to your setup! They have a nice warm glow, are easy to bend and adjust to your liking, and they look amazing!

It’s really beautiful. They look great in my vase, just the way I wanted them. You can bend the stick to any position you like, and it will stay.

Bamboo stick lights are good value for your money. The only thing that could have made them better is the timer for the lights.

I have to say that, I power this for about 4.5 hours a day, and my Duracell AA has lasted me about 3 months, so the battery life looks great.

I haven’t changed it. I think they look good, it’s a soft and warm glow. This gives the room a nice feeling.

Perfect just what I needed to add a special touch to light up my room. Very strong, bright lights.

Not sure if you get two. but you do, they come separately with battery controls for each.

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I bought f two orders so I have four. You can bend it to your liking, the price is very good And I suggest if you want the full view as the picture shows, get two orders.

But in my drawing, I only have my lightstick because I think with other decorations it will suffice. Although I will use the other two for the peace center on my dining table.

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