11 Recommended Beds for Babies Controlled

Giving birth to a baby does bring a lot of joy, and a little anxiety.Planning beds for babies or a new addition can be an exciting time and making sure everything is ready to put a home for your little one is of the utmost importance.

Having the perfect nursery is one of the most important parts of this preparation.

One of them is that beds for babies can be found everywhere and are limited only by the creativity of the parents themselves.

Planning a room for a new baby can be a rewarding process if you plan it before the baby is born.

There is a room ready to be converted into a bed for a baby or addition to be built, choosing the right location is the first step.

Once the room is selected, new parents should choose a theme for the baby bed that fits a good average bedroom size and looks luxurious.

How to Choose a Baby beds that is Safe for Babies

floor beds for babies

Pay attention to the quality of the baby bed

You should prioritize the quality of the bedding material before considering anything else. If you choose a beds-type bed, pay attention to the bolts, screws, and material of the bed’s frame.

Make sure the material is the best and is firmly attached so that the box can stand firmly.

Choose a Mattress that is Special for Babies

When choosing a mattress bed for babies, you should not be careless. Use a special mattress for babies. This is important so that babies avoid SIDS, aka sudden infant death syndrome. The use of a special mattress for babies also serves to support the baby’s spine.

Avoid Choosing Soft Materials

The Baby’s skin is still very sensitive. This makes many parents always choose a variety of baby equipment that is soft and tender. For example, soft clothes, soft blankets, soft sheets, soft pillows, and others.

However, this kind of thing should be avoided. This is to prevent sudden infant death syndrome. Soft-textured items can make it difficult for babies to breathe because they risk covering the baby’s face. Make sure the base is not too smooth.

Choose the right size

The size of the bed for the baby is the next important thing to consider. Use a mattress that is the right size for a bed if you are using a cot. The right mattress size will make the baby more comfortable and reduce the risk of injury to the baby.

Floor beds for babies

Newborns up to 1 year of age should be allowed to sleep on a flat mattress, without a pillow.

The risk of harm to a pillow for babies can not only make the baby sick, it can even cause death.

There are several options for floor cots for babies, in beds, or laying bedding on the floor. Is it okay to let the baby sleep on the floor? Okay. Of course, as long as Mama ensures the safety of the baby.

11 Recommended floor beds for babies

pillow beds for babies

  1. Pliko Oval Baby Box
  2. Creative Pliko Baby Box
  3. Pliko Karya Baby Box
  4. Elle’s Baby Baby Box
  5. Baby Chocolate Box
  6. Graco Baby Box
  7. Ingenuity Baby beds
  8. Joie’s Baby Box
  9. Chevron Baby Mattress Omiland Box
  10. Flamingo Baby Mattress Snobby Box
  11. Pliko Baby Box 1179

Pillow beds for babies

Bed pillows for good babies are usually symmetrical and follow the neckline of the little one.

Can babies sleep on high pillows?

Baby pillows should not be too big and thick, which is important enough to support the head.

Baby pillows should also not be too hard or use a rough pillowcase.

When do babies sleep with pillows?

Don’t rush to give a pillow to the baby

The baby’s body was still so weak, that he couldn’t move much, even he couldn’t hold himself back when his face was covered by the pillow.

After the age of 1 year or more, the mother may provide a pillow as a pillow for the baby’s head while sleeping.

Recommended Bed Pillows For Babies Safe To Use:

bumper beds for babies

  1. Newborn baby bee pillow.
  2. Penang Pillow Dialogue
  3. koala pang pillow
  4. Dear Babymoov
  5. Omland Pillow Penang
  6. Darby Pillow Penang
  7. Plus Baby Health Pillow
  8. Penang’s Crown Pillow

bumper beds for babies

So that the baby’s body and head are always safe while in bed, mothers usually install beds on their beds for babies.

This is because this soft cushion is considered effective in preventing your little one’s body from colliding directly with the bed.

However, according to experts, the use of a beds bumper should not be recommended. Why? Here’s the review:

Risks of Using Bumper Bumpers

Dr. Bradley Thach, a professor from Washington University School of Medicine, revealed that beds harm or even kill your little one. Based on data released by the Product Safety Supervisory Agency in the United States, between 1985 and 2012 alone, the number of babies who died from beds reached 77 children, Mom. Of these, 50 died due to the use of bumper boxes which made them suffocate. While the other is caused by the little one being squeezed in between box bumpers and other objects, such as pillows.

One of the biggest and most important transitions in young children is moving from beds for babies to normal beds.

Well, that’s where the bed can make a difference. Not only will your little one sleep safely, but you can also enjoy a good night’s sleep too.

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