Striped Wall Paint Design – Horizontal on Wall

Horizontal striped wall paint ideas that disappointed us were having brilliant ideas on how I wanted to paint our room beautifully. and we know from this new home improvement project it has bright ideas.
Striped wall suitable to be applied in the room even though the room will look beautiful on all sides of the house wall, I am not creative enough to paint it myself, so I got the idea to paint a line from some friends to apply it. at home.
I looked at my suggested photos and videos online and thought that getting the courage to make changes in my home might not be that hard if we tried it. 
Somehow the painting is actually quite easy and fast so that it can be painted perfectly and the result is very valuable, so I want to provide a tip so we can fix it ourselves.

How to paint stripes on a wall

horizontal stripes painting ideas vertical

1) Paint a base color.

We were going on a dark khaki with a light green color, so we used the Behr paint and primer in one stalk of celery. striped accent wall Depot assured me that would certainly not need more than one layer. Maybe I am meticulous, but I was not happy with streaks with a coat of this paint on my wall. After two which was perfect.

2) Allow time to dry.

Paint the base layer of the weekend and gave us a week to dry before streaking weekend painting a black and white striped wall.

3) The next step was preparing for the bands.

Decide how you want your bands are wide. We went with stripes 8 inches, and I thought it was perfect. From thinner would have been more and it could be a bit overwhelming in the eyes. I think you can be sure of up to 10 inches, but I would not recommend any thicker than that.

4) After determining the size,

It is time to start measuring. We went around the marks of manufacture wall pencil eight-inch intervals. Your best bet is to start in the most discreet corner of the room and work your way around. So if one is incorrect spaced stripes, will not be very noticeable. Ours ended up behind the door, even if only about 3/8 was so was not significant anyway.

5) Once you have made your mark,

you can do one of two things. The cheapest option, but more difficult would be another brand and lowest on the wall so you can connect the points with a straight line. The most expensive way, but more effective would be to pay for a laser level can do for you. We chose to buy a laser level and I am very glad I did. We bought a Bosch GLL2 and were the best $ 85 we spent. It saves hours of work.

6) Now is the time to start recording.

Pointing the laser level with the mark on the wall, just strip line next to the laser. It was slow going at first, but it was much easier once the hang of it. A difficult thing to remember is to always be aware of which side of the band that is. The tape should go outside is painting stripes and Stripes are not

Black and white striped wall. This is important because if you are out of one, all the scratches will be wrong. Fortunately, and surprisingly, we did all the way around the room without knocking. This phase took just over five hours.

You can use the normal tape for this step painter but decided to go with something called the frog band. Rana would strip treated with Paint Block technology that keeps the paint from seeping underneath. We thought it was particularly important for scratches, so we paid a little more for it. I was very happy with the results. I would not say that there is no paint seeping through because he made on some points. Overall, much better than I expected, and had very little tinkering to do in the end.

7) Once you have registered all,

now comes the easy part. Take your second color and paint scratches. Our choice for two green stripes was darker than the first layer, Behr tones asparagus. We were so nervous that we would make a mistake and bad paint scratches, so we went around and put a piece of tape in the middle of the bands do not want to paint. I was very happy I did because, without it, I probably messed up at least once striped wall ideas.

8) Once painted

two coats let dry a little while and then pulled broadband. We did back around with a small brush and played a few spots. Not necessarily because it was an obvious mistake that should be fixed, but only because we are that anal.

Voila, you have life stripes eight singles, so it is not as simple steps. It took time, but the reward is huge. Our nursery walls creatively worked very hard but very expensive. No need for expensive stickers and murals painted by hand.

Wall Painting Ideas Stripes this technique is an obvious way for a nursery, but really thinks it would be beautiful in any room of the house in more subtle colors. Something I like to try a few occasional scratches of the same color in two different finishes. 

A mat on the bottom and on the top of the shell, so that the band is at different brightness. I think it would be perfect in a dining room. For someone who is ready for the challenge, I recommend this technique of painting.

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