Best Metal Garage Interior Ideas to Give Your Garage a Makeover

Over time, metal garage walls can develop a dull, rusty color that isn’t very attractive to look at. 

Luckily, it’s easy to turn these metal walls into an amazing focal point for your garage, whether you want to create more space or make your garage look nicer and more unique. 

No matter which metal garage paint ideas you choose, you can be sure that it will make your garage look better than ever. Check out some of these great ideas below!

6 Amazing Metal Garage Interior Ideas

metal garage interior ideas

1) Walls

Unless you have a garage with some exposed brick or stone walls, it will be easiest to paint your walls. 

One way to make sure that you don’t lose any of your overhead space is to use large-scale black and white pictures on your garage walls.

The more modern look of these photographs can help create an industrial aesthetic for your garage. 

These frames can be painted over so they blend in well with your ceiling, creating a seamless look from floor to ceiling. 

This can also save money since you won’t need new framing materials or bulky wooden frames, but it adds a level of sophistication to a room that may otherwise seem bare and utilitarian.

2) Ceiling

Drywall is a popular material for covering metal garages ceilings, as it is inexpensive and readily available. 

Large panels of drywall are easy to install, and you can easily finish off any exposed edges with some drywall tape or caulk. 

Drywall can absorb water so it’s not ideal if your ceiling happens to be directly above an attic space. 

Another downside is that drywall doesn’t have much give or bounce, so it might feel a little stiffer than other materials when you walk on it.

3) Floor

You can finish your floors any way you want, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find an alternative as sturdy and easy to clean as a garage floor epoxy coating

Most garage floor coatings are made with durable epoxy resins, which helps them resist scratches and other damage that comes from normal wear and tear. 

And since there is no open flame involved in application or curing (unlike paint), there’s no need for ventilation or even special protective gear like respirators. 

Just be sure to follow all safety instructions, and wear appropriate safety equipment when applying any chemicals that might have negative effects on your health.

4) Doors

For garages that have standard-sized doors, it’s not unusual to simply replace your existing garage door with a metal version. 

If you have an oversized door, however, you might want to consider something more complicated like a hinged door kit that allows for two individual doors or one large rolling garage door

Each is attractive and can be customized for functionality in terms of motorized openers and other features. 

Garages with very high ceilings can benefit from overhead hoist systems which don’t require the use of tracks or rails and allow you to store just about anything on very high shelves. 

Whatever your needs, there are multiple kinds of overhead garage storage kits available to help you create whatever kind of storage space works best for your lifestyle.

5) Windows

If you have a side garage, install windows on that wall. 

Windows let in natural light and make your storage space feel like part of your home rather than an afterthought. 

If you want to keep a more industrial look, consider wooden shutters for added flair. 

Another great idea is installing retractable skylights above your workbench so you can still use it even when it’s raining or dark outside.

6) Lighting & Electrical

Most metal garages have a single light and electrical outlet at least 25 feet away from where you’ll be working. 

That’s not ideal for running extension cords to power tools, but there are a few things you can do to work around it. 

The first is to purchase a power inverter that runs off your car battery this lets you run your tools without having to deal with an electrical system at all. 

If that’s not an option, invest in a couple of long extension cords and learn how to use them effectively so they don’t pose any risk of tripping.

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