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Colors That Go Together That Can Be Applied In My Home

Colors that go together are a particular spectrum contained in a perfect light (white). The identity of a specified color wavelength of the light. For example, blue has a wavelength.

Each color is able to give a certain impression and identity according to the social conditions of the observer. For example, white will give the impression of being holy and cold in the West because it is associated with snow.

In the following we provide a good matching color:

colors that go together

What colors work well together

  1. Yellow and Blue     : Cheerful and Authority
  2. Navy and Teal             : Soothing or Striking
  3. Black and Orange       : Lively and Powerful
  4. Maroon and Peach      : Elegant and Calm
  5. Dark Purple and Blue : Quiet and Reliable
  6. Navy and Orange     : Entertaining but Credible

What 5 colors go well together

  1. Red and yellow  : is a classic, bold color combination
  2. Pink and purple : Pink and purple are warm and fun colors
  3. Yellow and black: Yellow and black can be light (think classic smiley face) or be more serious
  4. Purple and Orange
  5. Green and Blue.

What colors stand out together

  1. Red: strength and passion
  2. Blue: logic and communication
  3. Green: health and nature
  4. Yellow: happiness and optimism.
  5. Orange: cheerful and fun
  6. Purple: Royalty, wisdom and respect
  7. Pink: soft and feminine
  8. Chocolate: safe and reliable

good colors that go together

  1. Ocean blue on white bones
  2. Fuchsia and petrol-blue
  3. Moss green on beige
  4. Lavender and dark purple
  5. Warm red, black and white
  6. Bright blue and dark blue


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