vintage wall decor painting ideas

Vintage wall painting ideas - The adage "everything old is new again" could not be truer than when it comes to interior design. in recent years, one of y most popular decorating styles was an eclectic mix of old and again, and everything else. Here are some ideas for decorating time to help bring this popular style of the rooms in your home.

vintage wall decor painting ideas

Top 5 vintage decor wall painting ideas

1. Be Different

To capture the vintage look successful, you must abandon any idea that things must match. Indeed, the corresponding elements are often a focal point of a room in vintage style. Things like random porcelain pieces used as containers for jewelery or coins and matching sconces are an effective way to add charm and interest. one of the best places to find these kinds of items is in your local flea market.

2. Color Groups

often with vintage style, there are a lot of white - walls, furniture and bedding are usually kept very simple without much color. However, without some color, a very clean room can be believed and uninteresting. avoid this by adding a group of elements of the same color to a table, mantle or dresser. This will give the room a touch of color and design makes the look of the well-planned room.

3. Do not be afraid to change

Because many vintage decors come from flea markets or antique shops, it is good to paint or change the items in a way that suits you. Bring your own personality to the collected parts and do not be afraid to modify them to make them fit into your space. If for example you decide to paint a lamp or table and then decide, it does not work quite as you planned, paint and try again or give a distressed look strumming a new painting.

4. Do not be too fussy

one of the biggest obstacles pulling together a vintage-style lounge will not let baubles and trinkets become too demanding. It is important to integrate the elements and everyday materials in the room too. Modern materials and textures are so important for decoration vintage and old parts.

5. Make use of every decade

Vintage is not limited to exceptional antiques and collectibles. Try to incorporate parts of several decades for a truly vintage feel.

Vintage Wall Painting Ideas - These five simple period decor ideas to get you started on your way to a truly elegant and interesting in your home space.