10 Garage Inspo Ideas That Are Worth Trying

Not only does the interior and exterior of the house need to be well-designed, but garage inspo is also very necessary in order to make the house have a luxurious appearance.

When inspiring a garage, make sure of the location of the garage is first. There is a front, rear and side garage. The side garage is the most widely used in homes in the world today.

Park your car outside because it doesn’t fit anymore? Have trouble finding the right tool when you need it? Feeling overwhelmed with lots of stuff? You are not alone.

If you want to create some peace from the chaos, the garage is a great place to start – and it’s a lot easier to do than you might think.

Before designing a home garage, it is better to pay attention to the material that will be used. There are several materials such as wood, iron, cement, natural stone, ceramics, glass block, and paving blocks.

After determining the material used, then determine the design.

garage inspo

10 Inspo for the garage next to the house

For inspo for the garage next to the house, moms can choose two common designs, which are closed or open.

The difference between the two lies only in the closed or open space from the walls to the roof.

Below, there are some inspiring ideas for a closed to open side garage, namely:

1. Natural-themed garage inspo

This first garage inspo has a natural theme. This theme is widely used as an open garage inspo because it is very simple and easy to design.

Only need to install asbestos on the roof to protect the car from heat and rain. On the floor, choose ceramic materials.

For a natural impression, place some ornamental plant pots in several corners of the garage, either below or hanging above.

If it’s hanging above, be sure to measure it beforehand, so it doesn’t hit the top of the hood.

2. Simple garage inspo

In addition to the natural theme, this design is also widely used because it looks simple as the name suggests.

This simple garage inspo is an open garage that doesn’t have a fence.

So, moms don’t have to bother opening and closing the fence when going out or putting the car into the garage.

This garage inspo doesn’t need elaborate decorations. It is enough to install ceramic tiles as a garage floor and add a few pots of green plants at the ends and sides of the garage.

3. Classic theme garage inspo

The inspo for this classic theme garage is also widely used. This design is actually very simple.

Use cement or natural stone floors to give a classic impression.

As for the canopy, choose one that uses black iron material that matches the fence.

This theme garage can be applied to industrial-themed homes to modern minimalists. The type of garage with this theme is an open garage.

4. Closed industrial-themed garage inspo

For the next design, there is a closed industrial-themed car garage which in terms of appearance looks quite masculine.

This is because the use of grey garage walls and black is very dominant in it. So, on the floor using cement.

Meanwhile, on the walls, exposed white bricks, and red bricks are used so that there is a mixture of other colors.

This type of garage is a closed garage where the garage door has a striped gap, so that light can still enter the garage.

5. Inspo for a beautiful nature-themed garage

For lovers of open garage inspo, moms will definitely like this design. Although it looks very simple, the aesthetic aspect is very visible.

This garage design is indeed an open concept so it makes the garage space look wider.

Only need to use a floor made of cement or natural stone with walls made of patterned brick.

Place some rather large ornamental plants along the dividing wall to add a beautiful impression.

6. Garage inspo with turquoise theme

If the garage design for this minimalist house will make the house look more beautiful because the color display is turquoise combined with white.

The concept of this garage paint ideas does not use a barrier because the room is made together with the terrace so the type of floor used is the same.

The walls are also made of the same material.

Use a canopy to cover the roof so that the car is not exposed to rain and direct sunlight.

7. Garage inspo with a shabby chic theme

The next garage inspo theme is shabby chic. This theme looks unique and looks feminine because of the pastel color selection.

The inspo for a shabby chic-themed garage can be used by combining white, pink, and light blue.

For the garage floor, just install a synthetic grass carpet that is lined with parakeet wood.

8. Country-themed garage inspo

Country-themed garage inspo themes are widely used in European and American countries, but that doesn’t mean moms can’t use them in Indonesia.

By choosing a country-themed garage inspo, the garage display will look unique and different.

It is enough to install a brick or natural floor that fits the garage walls made of exposed brick.

Use an iron fence as a garage cover and a canopy made of fiberglass for the roof.

9. Closed garage inspo

This garage design is a closed type because the garage enters the house, not in the front yard of the house.

So, later this closed car garage will see the door from the side of the house.

You can use wood materials that are painted according to the color of the house. In addition to wood material, steel material can also be selected.

To give an aesthetic impression, moms can give carvings such as wall panels on the front.

10. Garden-themed garage inspo

The inspo for this garden-themed garage is actually not much different from the previous European-style design.

This garden-themed car garage has a closed garage concept.

On the front side of the garage will be placed several chairs complete with a table that is used to talk while drinking tea or receiving guests.

The hallmark of this design is the garage door that looks very classic European.

Meanwhile, the sides can be decorated with large to small ornamental plants.

What is the standard size of land for a garage?

How much land area for the garage do you have? The size of the land for the garage depends on the type of vehicle, the size of the vehicle, and also the number of vehicles that you will park in the garage.

Before designing a garage, try to find out the size of the vehicle you will park in the garage in order to determine whether the land area you have is sufficient or not. This is because the area of land you have will determine the capacity of vehicles that can be parked in the garage.

Generally, the standard garage size for 1 car has a width of 2.7 to 3 meters, a length of 5.4 to 6 meters, a minimum garage height of 2.1 meters, and a garage door width of at least 2.4 meters. The size can change according to the type and size of your car.

If you want to add a tool storage area, you can increase the length or width by approximately 1 meter. Don’t forget to provide a comfortable circulation space for you to get in or out of the car.

If the land area of your house does not allow a garage to be built, you can make a carport. The carport is the right choice for those of you who have a house with a narrow and limited area. With an open design, a narrow land area feels more spacious without a dividing wall.

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