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Open Basement Stairs Ideas Design Solutions

Opening up your basement stairs can be one of the best ways to increase your home’s value and make it feel much more inviting to buyers and renters alike. 

Although basement stairs can be great because they give you an easy access to the basement, they can also ruin the look of your interior if not designed and built properly.

If you are interested in how to open basement stairs ideas to make your home look amazing, then this article can help you out by showing some tips and ideas on how to build beautiful and functional basement stairs. Open basement stairs have many benefits, so don’t miss this opportunity!

Open Basement Stairs Ideas Home Look Amazing

Having an open staircase does more than just look amazing; it’s also great for creating natural light and a sense of space, as well as preventing clutter from building up in the entryway or at the bottom of the stairs. Here are some awesome ideas to consider if you want to create an open staircase that will make your home look absolutely fabulous.

open basement stairs ideas

Use Wallpaper

Wallpaper is typically found in kids’ rooms, but that doesn’t mean adults can’t use it to spruce up their basement stairwells. 

A black-and-white wallpaper with an abstract design is a great way to define your walls and make them look interesting. 

You can place bold pictures of inspirational quotes or paint one wall in a contrasting color. Consider hiring professionals for removing and applying wallpaper if you don’t have experience doing it yourself. If you aren't sure how long to hang your new paper, here's how to do it properly .

Paint your basement stairs white

Open basement stairs are certainly a focal point of your home, but that doesn’t mean you need to clutter them up with too much detail. Keep it simple, which is something many homeowners think they can’t afford. Don’t skimp on paint though; first use an oil-based primer and then one coat of white latex. 

For an added touch of luxury and drama, try adding a decorative molding around your steps instead of simply painting right over them like most people do. 

If you don’t have anything to hang over your stairway (like lamps or wall art), consider using a decorative mat to tie things together it will also help protect your walls from scuffs and scratches.

Use Patterned Rugs

Rugs are another great home accent that can be used to add a splash of color or interesting pattern. Rather than using rugs as a way to get more comfortable flooring, use it to really make your living space stand out. A rug can be designed specifically for use on an open staircase, and when placed on stairs, even small rugs can still offer ample comfort while giving your stairs an eye-catching feature. 

If you want carpeted stairs but don’t have enough room for a full runner, two smaller rugs side by side can still create a stylish look. And adding one of our area rugs will help hide dirt or stains that might otherwise be visible if you opted for hardwood floors instead.

Play with Colors

Choosing a specific color theme for your stairs will greatly impact how open or closed off your basement looks. You can also give it an industrial feel by creating a minimalist space with exposed metal piping and raw wooden beams. Let’s take a look at some simple, low-cost ideas that you can use to make your basement stairs more appealing and eye-catching than ever before. 

1) Add Colorful Rugs:

If you want to add some color to your staircase, then installing colorful rugs on each step is a great idea! A lot of people think about using carpets for upstairs hallways and bedrooms but completely forget about them when it comes to their basement stairs.

Add Some Accessories

The right accessories can dress up an already beautiful space. If you want to make your basement stairs look even better, start with a statement light fixture and some bold accessories, like a modern mirror or colorful vase. Also consider adding plants and artwork to warm up the space and add an extra level of charm.

Use String Lights

If you open up your basement stairs, you can place string lights to shine on your whole home. With a little thought, your basement stairs can be a magical piece of design that truly makes your home look amazing. There are many ways to set up those lights to create a beautiful display. 

One way is by placing a string light in each step of the staircase so that they form one long, beautiful display of light. Another idea is to install multiple lights in vertical lines or hanging at an angle all around.

Light up With Floor Lamps

You can create a cozy atmosphere in your basement by placing floor lamps down on any surface. Instead of lighting up just one part of a room, these lamps will spread an overall warm glow and make it easier to see anything that you’re doing down there. 

Floor lamps are especially helpful if you’re going to be using your basement for some type of home office setup, but they also work well for basements that have lower ceilings.

Add a Focal Point

Focal points are used to draw your eye around a room. You can add focal points in your home to help guide your guests and make sure that no one area feels too empty or overcrowded. In small spaces, it’s usually best to use smaller pieces of furniture and artwork so that there is something for you and your guests to notice. 

Keep things simple; if you want one larger piece, use something that has a solid base with lots of space around it so people don’t feel like they have entered a cluttered zone.

Pros cons of open basement stairs

Having an open stairway can be a great way to expand your home’s square footage, as long as you have a plan for it. 

Open basement stairs aren’t always convenient, either. You might find yourself running into walls or tripping on kids toys that have ended up in a pile in front of your stairs. 

If you think you can handle open basement stairs and like having extra space, read on for some pros and cons of an open staircase design that could help you decide if it’s right for your home.

pros cons of open basement stairs

Basement stairs in middle of house

There are three basic ways to design stairs for a basement home. One is to make them open in between each flight, so that your stairwell will be fully visible and serve as part of your living space. Another way is to make these stairs directly into one wall (or half-wall), making them enclosed. 

The last one is to build a half-wall covering either one side or both sides of your staircase. All of these ideas could come in handy if you want your basement stairs serving as part of your living area or as storage space for other stuff.

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