Sliding Shower Doors for Tubs Bathroom ideas

The design of the sliding shower doors for tubs out to have its own advantages. Even recently, many have used this type of door.

In addition to the modern model, sliding doors will also help you anticipate so you don’t get stuck in the shower.

The door is often the neglected part. However, the presence of the door also affects the appearance of the room. You also need to do the door selection carefully. The goal is to support the entire appearance.

Some sliding shower doors for tubs That You Must Try For those of you who have a habit of being locked in the shower because the door is not normal, immediately replace your door model with a sliding door.

Guaranteed not to be wrong and will not be locked again. About the design, don’t worry. Here are some shower designs that are suitable for sliding doors for your shower. Listen carefully, yes.

Minimalist shower with Wooden Door


For those of you who have a minimalist shower size, using this wooden sliding door model will make your shower look even more perfect. For the interior, you can choose to use a shower or bathtub.

Also, use furniture with a small size. This of course aims so that the room is not too full of these items.

Also, add a mirror or you can become a barrier between the shower and urinate with a glass. Therefore, surely this wooden sliding door shower design is inspiring.

Besides not taking up much space, this model will also make it easier for users to open it. Moreover, the wood material does have a quality that you don’t need to doubt anymore.

Shower with Ice Glass Sliding Door

You need to pay attention if the room you have is narrow, glass is your best helper. Because these materials can give a broad impression.

However, if the location of the room is in a corner, it would be better if you use a sliding door shower design with ice glass.

It will also help you get light and moisture-free. The light will stay in and your privacy is maintained with this frosted glass.

To get a more luxurious result, you can use white paint with golden yellow lighting. Then your room will be very comfortable when you use it.

Shower Door with Two Glass Panels

In addition to some of the sliding door shower designs above, you can also use the sliding door type with two glass panels. By using this door model, the appearance of your shower will be more perfect, very beautiful.

Not only that, the impression of luxury and comfort will always accompany you. For toiletries, you can choose to use a bath or shower. Also, add a sink for washing your face or brushing your teeth.

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Mirror shower Sliding Door

It is undeniable that glass material will make your room look more spacious and luxurious. This combination also makes your room brighter and not cramped.

Not only that, but it also has a function to beautify the room. You will also find it easier to prepare for your appearance after bathing. Really this sliding door will make your shower upscale.

Sliding Door with Aluminum Material

Aluminum is indeed one of the materials whose quality cannot be doubted. Many people have trusted this material to be complementary in development. An example is door material.

The aluminum sliding door shower will also give a nice look to the room. You should also pay attention, avoid installing this door near wet areas. Because it can cause corrosion in a very short time.

Well, some of the sliding door shower designs above you can use in your home. The prices also vary and are pocket-friendly.

Black shower sliding doorblack sliding shower screen

bathtub sliding doors

Black square shower panels with Crittall-style details are gaining popularity, especially with more contemporary industrial-style bathrooms. However, due to their detailed appearance, they are suitable for both traditional and modern bathrooms.

Frameless shower doors will not leak. Although there is a very small gap in the hinges on the side of the door, it is very unlikely that water will pass through this gap unless the water pressure is directed directly into the door grille.

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