Recommended Best Duvet Cover Set Comfortable at Home

Even though we are in a tropical country duvet cover set, that doesn’t mean we don’t need a blanket. Its presence is very helpful to keep the body warm, especially during cold weather.

In addition, duvets also increases the quality of our sleep because the material is soft and warm. There are many variations of blankets ranging from thin to thick offered in the market

To overcome the cold while sleeping or relaxing at home, a blanket is a right partner. You can use it while on the sofa, chair, or in bed to warm up. Good duvet with various materials you will find in the market and look attractive to buy.

We will explain how to choose a good and comfortable duvet material to use. We will also recommend the duvet cover set that might suit your needs.

However, the many brands that offer the best and most comfortable duvet cover sets on the market will make it even more difficult for you to choose the right quality product.

This article will provide an explanation ranging from tips on choosing a duvet cover set brand, a list of recommendations for the duvet cover set to ways that you can pay attention to in caring.

Duvet Cover Set

How to choose a comfortable blanket to use at home

There are several things that need to be the focus of your attention to get the best quality. The following will explain some tips for choosing the best blanket.

1. Color or Pattern

The first step to consider in choosing a fur blanket is the color or motif. Because it will affect the aesthetics of the room decoration. Try to make sure that the color or pattern of the blanket will match the decorations in the room, including the sheets, paint colors, and other ornaments. The goal is to make the room look prettier and more comfortable.

2. Duvet Thickness

There are still many people who think that a thick blanket is the most appropriate to wear when sleeping. It turns out that such an assumption is not true. A duvet cover set that is too thick will emit heat and will block your respiratory tract while sleeping.

Likewise, a blanket that is too thin, a material like this can also make bone health not good when the air is cold. Therefore, choose a blanket with thickness and warmth that is right for use during the day or night.

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3. Blanket Material

When choosing a blanket must also be determined based on the material used. For tropical countries, wool blankets are the most suitable.

The advantage is being able to maintain warmth in winter. Meanwhile, especially for those of you who live in countries with uncertain weather, you should use a blanket made of polyester. For a fleece blanket, it is very suitable for use in winter.

The material will give a soft, warm sensation and has a thick volume. In addition to fur, cotton can also be an alternative. Its smooth, soft and durable nature makes some people choose cotton.

4. Quilt Stitch

Apparently, quilt stitching has its own technique and affects its warmth, lo. There are at least two types of stitches on a duvet cover set.

The first type of knitting stitch, it has a tight cavity that is able to dispel cold air. Second, the thermal type, this type has a loose cavity, making it easier for outside air to enter. Just adjust it, which one do you prefer?

5. Pay attention to the weight of the blanket

The weight of the duvet cover set is an important factor, especially for those of you who wash yourself without a washing machine. With thick or heavy materials, it will certainly make it difficult for you to wash them, but for those of you who are often stressed, thick materials are very suitable.

According to a study, thick or heavy blankets can be therapeutic for those of you who have sleep disorders. That’s because heavy materials can make you feel more relaxed and provide a massage sensation when using them. But if you don’t have sleep disturbances and don’t want to bother washing, choose a thin material.

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10+ Recommended Best & Comfortable Blanket Brands

After knowing the tips for choosing a blanket, it’s time for you to be given a list of the best blanket brand recommendations from that can be used as a reference before buying it. Here are some lists.

duvet cover set ideas

1. Arter Blanket

The Arter Brand Blanket is a choice of comfortable that are well made and suitable for use in the Indonesian climate. is made from Tencel Bamboo 900TC which will give a cool sensation and feel comfortable when used.

Arter himself provides tips on choosing blankets or blankets that you can use by calculating the percentage of 8% to 12% of the user’s body weight. This weight is optional, you can increase or decrease it a little so that it suits you.

For a weight of 40kg to 54kg, you can choose a 4.5kg size, for 55kg to 70kg can choose a 6kg size, and for a weight of 71kg to 90kg, you can choose a blanket size weighing 8kg.

The blanket or blanket from the arteries itself is designed with deep pressure stimulation technology which provides a comfortable hug sensation and provides pressure evenly on all parts of your body.

The blanket is also sewn firmly with two layers of stitches so this one of the best blanket choices is more durable and is recommended.

For your own color Arter has several neutral color choices, you can determine it yourself according to your wishes.

Although the price is quite premium, it is comparable to the quality provided by Arter, namely the comfort when used and the durability of the stitching quality of this blanket.

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2. Kintakun Blanket

The duvet cover set that has been widely recommended is the Kinkatun microphone which is perfect for those of you who have sensitive skin so they are very susceptible to allergies and irritation.

Why is this kinkatun blanket a very good choice? because this blanket is made of acrylic synthetic yarn and also wins high-quality carbon where the two materials are able to keep the blanket clean.

This blanket is also able to adapt to the air temperature around the room. During the rainy season, the room temperature will get colder, but don’t worry because this blanket can warm your body.

Currently, you can easily get the best Kintakun blanket brand because it has been sold on the market and there are even many online stores that sell spring hill kinkatun micro panel blankets.

3. Ikea Vitmossa Blanket

In addition to releasing several products such as tables, chairs, and cabinets, it is also one of the best blanket brands with Ikea Vitmossa products. A blanket that has the characteristic stripe model that has been legendary for a long time.

This blanket itself has two color variants, namely green and color mix colors, of course, these colors are the hallmark of this blanket. This blanket uses a thick and good cotton material so it is much more comfortable when worn while sleeping.

This blanket also has a kid-friendly nature so even children can use this blanket. Although thick, this blanket will still be comfortable to use in hot temperatures. If you want to buy a blanket with this Ikea brand, you don’t have to worry about your budget because the price offered is quite affordable so it’s very safe and won’t drain your pocket.

4. Kendra Blanket Super Soft

For lovers of army motifs, this blanket is perfect for both men and women. This Kendra blanket measures 150 x 200 cm so it can only be used by one person. In addition to the army motif, there are also other character motifs that will make your rest more comfortable. In addition, the fine hair on this blanket is not easy to fall out.

The Kendra blanket also has other advantages, such as anti-bacterial and mildew so it doesn’t stink quickly and is safe for use by children, it can be washed using a washing machine so you don’t have to bother rubbing it by hand when washing it. You can buy this super soft blanket at various e-commerce sites such as Bukalapak, Tokopedia, Shopee, and others.

5. Joysleep Acrylic Blanket Coco

Extremely soft, comfortable, and easy to clean, this Joysleep blanket comes in a variety of sizes and colors to suit your needs. This blanket is very soft and warm when worn during the rainy season. In addition, this polyester blanket is easy to wash and clean, so the blanket is more durable and long-lasting.

This Joysleep blanket has a small average bedroom size that can make it easier for you to carry it when you want to travel. The soft bristles are very comfortable to wear against the skin even if you have sensitive skin. Currently, this blanket is very easy to get anywhere such as online stores or in the market at a fairly affordable price.

6. My Love Blanket

Who else doesn’t know the My blanket brand? Love. This brand has issued a lot of products ranging from bed sheets to even the best blankets with unquestionable prices and quality. This best blanket brand is available in a wide selection of models with attractive and elegant designs.

You can choose designs for children and even adults. In addition, this blanket also has a wide selection of types of materials that you can adjust to your liking, ranging from furry to non-fur.

By using the best My Love blanket brand, your bedroom is guaranteed to be even more perfect. This blanket also has thicker material and is comfortable to wear. In addition, these good blanket recommendations will also keep you warm and sleep better.

7. King Rabbit Blanket

The next best blanket brand is King Rabbit which is very well known in terms of quality. This blanket has antibacterial technology and is also lightweight, you know, so it is very possible to use it even by children.

This best blanket brand is also made from 100% Italian organic combed cotton with contents made of dacron silicon and microfiber. This blanket can be washed, machine washed, or done laundry.

The organic cotton in this blanket has the highest absorbency compared to others, able to absorb sweat and moisture, so the material can stay cool and not hot. Having 360 knitting in every inch makes the material soft but extra strong and not easy to tear.

The color quality of the material remains smooth and awake. Using Micro Bites Organic Coloring from Australia which is very durable and dermatologically tested, it is safe for baby’s skin.

The filling is made of Dacron Silicon and Micro Gel. The silicon composition will ensure the dacron expands again after washing and unites the dacron so it doesn’t break and clot without being stitched.

8. Leven Cotton Coverlet

A coverlet is a lightweight blanket produced by combining 2 sheets of fabric filled with silicone, then sewn in a tight stitch pattern. The Leven Cotton coverlet is sewn using a quilting technique that results in an elegant and exclusive pattern.

Every stitch is done with care so that the product stays strong and the sleep is comfortable. Leven Cotton coverlet saves storage space. You can fold it yourself without the help of others. You can fold it up and put it in a storage bag.

Coverlets are commonly used abroad during the summer as an alternative to fleece blankets (polyester blankets) or weighted blankets. Its unique 3-layer construction ensures a restful sleep with a stable cool temperature. Not too cold, and not too hot.

Stylish and Elegant. Easy care and use (almost wrinkle-free). This is because the stitch pattern on the coverlet is thorough on all surfaces of the fabric so it won’t look wrinkled even if it’s not ironed. The Leven Cotton coverlet is machine washable.

9. Lyocell Classic Set

Smooth touch with a glossy finish with Lyocell Tencel fabric sheets that are very smooth and soft on the skin. Soft as a cloud, light and cold, it makes for a perfect and peaceful night’s sleep.

Available in various colors Midnight, Cloud White, Mist Grey, Blush Pink, Sky Blue, Fern Green, Lilac Mauve, and Sand Taupe. Lyocell fiber can remove excess moisture quickly, keeping the body cool while sleeping in various climates.

Hypoallergenic and softer than ordinary cotton and linen, so it can be used by babies and those of you who have sensitive or allergic skin. Perfect moisture management that reduces bacterial proliferation without the need for any chemical additives.

Made from 100% sustainably sourced eucalyptus wood. Biodegradable and produced in a closed loop process.

10. Lady rose blanket

The next best blanket brand is Lady Rose. This brand provides a wide selection of motifs and sizes. For those who like beautiful floral designs, you can choose this Lady Rose Celine Blanket, which is thick and soft on the skin and very comfortable for all people to use.

In addition, this duvet cover set uses a touch of the right color and an affordable price so it doesn’t drain your wallet too much.

This soft, thick and soft blanket has an elegant design. Although this blanket uses a fluffy material, you don’t need to worry because this blanket can still be comfortable for your sensitive skin.

11. Floral Printed Bonita Blanket

Bonita is the best blanket brand that is very well known among young people and mothers. This Bonita blanket brand has issued a wide selection of blanket motifs and sizes. There are several choices of children’s characters, from flowers to plain motifs. This blanket is offered with.

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How to take care of blankets to stay durable

The following are ways you can do to keep the blanket durable.

1. Washing Process

Some blankets can be machine washed. Even so, there are also blankets that are recommended to be washed by hand, you know. For that, before washing the duvet cover set, it would be better if you know what the characteristics of the blanket are, whether it can be washed in a washing machine or must be used by hand.

When you wash blankets in the washing machine, make sure to wash them properly. Some blankets have a guide for washing them. Pay close attention to and understand the core quilt care guidelines attached to the inside of the blanket.

2. Water Temperature

Don’t forget to pay attention to the temperature of the water used when washing the blanket, although usually the blanket is washed using cold water.

Washing the blanket in cold water can make the blanket last longer. As an option, you can soak the blanket first in warm water, the temperature is around 50 degrees Celsius.

The goal is to soak in warm water so that mites and attached allergens can be killed. Also, make sure you don’t use too much detergent when washing the blanket.

3. Drying

After washing it, it would be better if you dry the duvet cover set in a natural way. Avoid using the washing machine to dry it. When drying the blanket, also avoid drying it directly in the sun.

Therefore, place the blanket in a slightly dim area and not exposed to direct sunlight. Dry the blanket by spreading it out because it will make the drying process faster.


That’s an explanation of blanket brands, starting from tips on choosing the best blanket, a list of recommendations for the duvet cover set to several ways to keep the blanket durable. To find out various information about recommendations, you can visit other article pages.

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