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Dark Wall Color Trends for New Homes | Popular in 2022

Home décor trends of course continue to change the style of the dark wall every few years, although there are also certain trends that tend to last longer than others. In recent years, a neutral color palette has dominated interior design trends, especially for house paint colors.

Many people choose white and other light colors for the dark walls in their homes to make them look clean. However, interior design experts reveal, now darker paint colors are back in vogue.

HGTV's "Home Town" hosts Ben and Erin Napier told Insider they were happy that people were choosing richer colors. "Now people are no longer afraid of dark rooms," said Erin. "I think it's interesting to see darker and darker, muted, moody colors come back in demand."

When decorating the interior and exterior of the house in the latest season of "Home Town", Erin revealed that she prefers dark paint colors, even though many use black. "Some parts of the exterior I painted using black and dark green," he explained.

He encourages people to experiment with darker paint colors because they can make other parts of a room stand out. For example, dark paint can draw one's attention to lighter-colored furniture, white kitchen cabinets in a richer color can make darker, more neutral walls stand out. "Don't be afraid of the dark.

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Because color will create contrast," he continued. The Napiers also remind us not to follow home decorating trends too often. Because trends are easy to lose and change, we will often fall behind. "Everything moves so fast in this world," he said. Ben.

Designer couples and duos recommend staying true to your desired design preferences rather than relying on trends.

dark wall

Want to change dark wall paint to black?

There's nothing wrong with doing interior experiments by changing the paint on the walls of one of the rooms in your house.

Black paint can be applied to one of the walls. Black paint? Take it easy, black paint presents a masculine character and a luxurious impression, you know.

But before you apply it to your wall, try reading the following tricks and tips first.

First, you have to apply it a little bit first. From the four corners of the wall, color only one of them. Once done, the appearance of your room will change.

glow in the dark wall paint

Second, you can use glossy black. If you want to apply this color to a dark wall, make sure the wall is perfectly flat. Otherwise, it's black that accentuates the unevenness.

Third, you must pay attention to lighting. Black gives the impression of being dark, so you can't apply it to a room with minimal natural light or low light.

Fourth, you can play with color gradations. If your room is large, you can apply black to half the height of the dark walls, then you can paint the rest of the walls gray, while the ceiling is painted white.

Fifth, you can combine black with red and leather. You can put on black leather plus add red pillows and red lights. Then the gothic feel can be felt in this room.

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Glow in the dark wall paintings

Do you want to make an amazing decoration for the house? Glow in the dark mural is a great idea for you. You can paint the mural directly on the wall, or use a pencil to draw the mural first before filling in the blanks.

The specialty used here is called glow-in-the-dark paint. It can be applied to wood, metal, plaster, masonry, or unglazed ceramic and cleaned with warm soapy water.

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